"World Affairs: The Journal of International Issues", is a leading journal, printed and published in India. The journal seeks to provide the much needed Asian and the developing world's perspective on issues of global significance. It stimulates interaction and debate between developed and developing nations. The journal addresses a wide range of readers and reaches out to world leaders, politicians, industrialists, academics, students, and the general public while focusing on the changing socio-politico-economic situation and equations in the world today.

World Affairs journal regularly draws the attention of influential people in many countries by its challenging articles, sometimes addressing sensitive issues that are absent from other media. The journal takes a global perspective inspired by the concerns of developing countries and of Asia in particular.

In its tenth year, the journal has a core of loyal subscribers in some ninety countries and the journal is available in a number of think tanks and academic institutions, in the offices of most heads of states, heads of important institutions and many university and college libraries. Every quarter, we try to put on the table some of the most important issues driving global politics, economics, culture and development.

Publisher & Editor: Ms. Chanda Singh

World Affairs
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Publisher: Kapur Surya Foundation
p-ISSN: 0971-8052
e-ISSN: 0974-0937
Issues/Year: 4
Frequency: Quarterly
Published in: March, June, September, December
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