INCOLD Journal is a half yearly journal of Indian Committee on Large Dams (INCOLD) which is involved in dissemination of the latest technological development taking place in the field of dam engineering and its related activities all over the world to the Indian dam/hydropower professionals. The aim of the journal is to encourage exchange of ideas and latest technological developments in the field between the dam engineering Professionals. The journal is for fully-reviewed qualitative articles on planning, design, construction and maintenance of reservoirs, dams and barrages and their foundations. The articles cover scientific aspects of the design, analysis and modelling of dams and associated structures including foundations and also provides information relating to latest know how in the field of construction technology for the related works. In addition to the information on the research work on the relevant subjects, the journal provides information on the related technical events in India and abroad such as conferences/ training programmes/ exhibitions etc. Information related to ICOLD (International Commission on Large Dams) activities such as ICOLD Congresses, its technical symposia, workshops, technical lectures, technical bulletins are also highlighted for the benefit of INCOLD members. The articles/technical papers are peer reviewed by editorial Board consisting of renowned experts before publication.
INCOLD Journal (A Half Yearly Technical Journal of Indian Committee on Large Dams)
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Publisher: Indian Committee On Large Dams
p-ISSN: 2278-4683
e-ISSN: 2278-4691
Issues/Year: 2
Frequency: Half-Yearly
Published in: January, July
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