Indian Horticulture Journal welcomes concise articles presenting original research data based on field experiments on all aspects of all horticultural crops. The articles submitted for publication should be exclusive for Indian Horticulture Journal and must not be submitted elsewhere during their consideration by the journal. These must not carry any material already published in the same or different form. Each article should be written in correctly, clearly, objectively and concisely. All the statements made in the manuscript should be clear, unambiguous and to the point. Aim at short, meaningful sentences while maintaining continuity of expression. The article should present a complete data of the experiment made and should not be split into parts. However, in exceptional cases where a large volume of in-depth data are collected based on multi-season experimentation, the article can be split into a maximum of two parts, with the same main title and a different subtitle in short. In such articles, proper continuity should be maintained in presentation of information, and all these articles should be submitted together at the same time.

Articles should be suitably divided into the following sub-sections: ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION, MATERIALS AND METHODS, RESULTS AND DISCUSSION, CONCLUSIONS and REFERENCES. Tables and figures should be appended separately at the end. The headings INTRODUCTION and CONCLUSION need not be mentioned in the text.

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