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Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities
Year 2017, Volume-7, Issue-3 (March)
Online ISSN : 2249-7315

Table of contents

Mathematical Modeling and Variable Frequency Control Based Voltage and Frequency Regulation for Six Phase Self Excited Induction Generator
L. Mabujohn, A. Senthil Kumar

Grey Relational Optimization of Powder Mixed Near-Dry Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining of Inconel 718 Alloy
Sureshkumar Myilsamy, S Boopathi

Suitability Analysis of Ground and Tank Water Quality for Domestic Purpose along Downstream Side of Coimbatore City
S Ragunath, Sundar M Lenin

VLSI Implementation of RSA Cryptography using Fractional Chebyshev Polynomials
Dr. S. Hema Chitra, R. Yogeshwaran

Biogeography Inspired Optimization Approaches for Optimal Sizing of PSS to Mitigate Electromechanical Mode Oscillations in Power System
K. Karthikeyan, P. Lakshmi

Content based Mammogram Image Retrieval using Particle Swarm Optimization and Hybrid Classifier
N. Arulmurugaselvi, Dr. R. Jeyabharath, Dr. P. Veena

Challenges in Placing Wireless Sensor Networks in Jungle
C. Sivamani, G. Vineeth Kumar, M. Priyanka, M. Saranya

Dynamic Performance Analysis of Novel Modified Bridge Less Canonical Switching Cell Converter
S. Muthukaruppasamy, A. Abudhahir

On-Demand Customizable Sensor Based Opportunistic Multipath Secure Routing Using Coalition Game Theory
K. Stella, E. N. Ganesh

Sustainable Energy Resources based Smart Microgrid towards Green Port Development - A Pathway for Ecofriendly Society
Atulya Misra, Gayathri Venkataramani, Karthik Panchabikesan, Elayaperumal Ayyasamy, Velraj Ramalingam

Multi Agent Linear Programming Routing for Wireless Body Area Network
R. A. Isabel, E. Baburaj

Derived Genetic Algorithm Optimizer for Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Network
K Ramanan, Dr. E Babu Raj

Certain Kinds of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Filters of Lattice Implication Algebras
J. Revathi, D. Kalamani, K. Arun Prakash

Defense against DDOS Attack using Passive IP Traceback and Quantum Annealing
V. Praveena, S. Karthik, R. Sabitha

Electricity Generation Expansion Planning for Tamil Nadu Considering Greenhouse Gassesemission
A. Bhuvanesh, S.T. Jaya Christa, S. Kannan

An Effective Load Balanced and Congestion Control Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Networks
K. Sumathi, Dr. M. Venkatesan

Design of Fuzzy Logic Controller for Reduction of Vibration in Full Car Model using Active Suspension System
T. Yuvapriya, P. Lakshmi

Reversible Watermarking for Enhancing the Security and Storage of ECG Signal and EPR in DICOM Images
R. Lakshmi Priya, Dr. A. Jayachandran

Cluster based Routing in Sensor Network using Soft Computing Techniquies: A Survey
Y. Harold Robinson, E. Golden Julie, A. Ayyasamy, M. Archana

Wavelet based Numerical Solution for Falkner-Skan Equation
B. Sripathy, P. Vijayaraju, G. Hariharan

Flower Pollination Algorithm for Automatic Generation Control in Interconnected Power Systems under Restructured Market – A Survey
G. Ganesan Subramanian, Dr. I. A. Chidambaram, Dr. J. Samuel Manoharan

Optimizing Task, Memory and Energy of Wireless Sensor Grids using Grid Cluster based Multilevel Priority Scheduling
S. J. Subhashini, Dr. P. Alli

Reducing Rejected Workflows using WSHF Algorithm in Cloud
S. Selvi, Dr. B. Kalaavathi

Enhanced Adsorptive Removal of Anionic Dyes by using Calcined Zinc Aluminium Layered Double Hydroxide CZA-LDH from Aqueous Solution
K. Manjula Rani, P. N. Palanisamy

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Implicative Filters of lattice Wajsberg algebra
S. Sathya, D. Kalamani, K. Arun Prakash

Fracture Behavior and Interface Microstructure Studies on Ti/Al Sheet Metal Joint using Laser Beam Welding
K. Kalaiselvan, A. Elango, N M Nagarajan, G. Parameshwari

Nyaya based Automatic Quality Value Classifier for Concept Enrichment
Niyati Kumari Behera, G. S. Mahalakshmi

Spatio Temporal Error Adaptation Model (STEAM) for Energy Efficient Wireless Data Gathering
C. K. Ramar, Dr. K. Rubasoundar

An Efficient Image Segmentation and Classification of Tumors in Mammography Image using K-Means Clustering with ROI and ANN Classifier
E. Bhuvaneswari, Dr. T. Ravi

Semantic based Web Service Clustering for Enhancing Business Process
T. Ramakrishna, Dr. T. Ravi

Self Consolidating Geopolymer Concrete as an Aid to Green Technologies - Review on Present Status
M ahima Ganeshan, Dr. Sreevidya Venkataraman

Novel Analog Circuit Fault Detection using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System
M. Shanthi, M. C. Bhuvaneswari

Cross Layer with Clump Routing Protocol for Multimedia Packets Sharing in Mobile Ad – hoc Networks
K. Logesh, Dr. S. Srinivasa Rao Madane

Efficient Open Dominator Coloring in Cycles and Paths
Sangeetha Devi, M. M. Shanmugapriya

An Evolutionary Wrapper based Feature Selection using Modified Fire Fly Algorithm
S. Usha, Dr. S. Arumugam

Role of Microprocessors, Digital ICS in Electric Drive Control and Significance of FPGA –Review
B Gunapriya, M Sabrigiriraj

Subcarrier-Link Integration for Optimized Resource Allocation (SLIORA) in Cellular Systems
Karthika Saravanan, Indumathi Pushpam

Privacy Preserving Data Clustering using hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
K. Saranya, K. Premalatha

Flexural Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete T- Beams by using of Polypropylene Fibres
R. Thiyagarajan, Dr. K. Nagamani

Investigation of Fluid Flow, Turbulence and Combustion for various Piston Configurations in a Compression Ignition Engine using CFD Modelling
P. Manikalithas, Dr. R. Venkatachalam, Dr. M. Kalil Rahiman, M. Bharathiraja

Feature Selection in Intrusion Detection Grey Wolf Optimizer
E M Roopa Devi, R C Suganthe

Optimized Data Retrieval in Big Data Environment using PPFC Approach
K. Thenmozhi, Dr. N. Karthikeyani Visalakshi, Dr. S. Shanthi

Spectral Subspace Approach in Top Ranked Band Selection for Hyperspectral Image Classification
M Kalamuthumari, R Vidhya

Wear Analysis of Nano ZrC Reinforced with Cu - Cr using Response Surface Methodology
S. Christopher Ezhil Singh, N. Selva Kumar

Multiple Performance Characteristics Optimization of Wire Electric Discharge Machine Setting Parameters for AA6063/SiC Composites
Dr. Iyyadurai Balasubramanian, Dr. Rathinam Maheswaran, S. Velayutha Ganesh

Computational Investigation on the Effect of Compression Ratios on Performance Characteristics of Two Stroke Free Piston Spark Ignition Engine
S Neelamegan, M Nataraj, Y Ras Mathew, R Rajasekaran

Influence of Natural Convective Flow Past an Oscillating Semi-Infinite Vertical Plate with Variable Mass Diffusion under First Order Chemical Reaction
Dr. A. R. Vijayalakshmi, M. Selva Jayanthi

A New Similarity Measure between Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multisets based on their Cardinality with Applications to Pattern Recognition and Medical Diagnosis
J. Dhivya, B. Sridevi

Maximization the Lifetime of a Wireless Sensor Network by Optimized Detection of Selfish Nodes around a Base Station
P. Parthiban, G. Sundararaj, P. Maniiarasan

Performance Analysis of 11-Multilevel Inverters using Sinusoidal PWM Techniques with Reduced Switching Pattern
K. Lakshmikhandan, Dr. Andy Srinivasan, M. Dharani

LTE 4600 MIMO Antenna: Design and Optimization
M. Pachiyaannan, G. K. D. Prasanna Venkatesan

Impact of Individual Differences and Organizational Learning Environment on E-Learning Effectiveness
Dr. Hansa Lysandar Manohar, A. Bindhu

A Hybrid Cluster Stable Link Routing for Overhead Reduction in MANET
C. Sivamani, Dr. P. Visalakshi

The Achromatic and b-chromatic Number of Shadow Graph of some Graphs
K. P. Thilagavathy, A. Santha

An Implication of Wagner's Law in Relation of Public Expenditure to Gross Domestic Product in Sikkim
Dr. Ranglal Mohapatra

Analysing the Mobility Based Serious Effects in Achieving QOS in Wireless sensor Networks
Sivajothi Esakkimani, Dr. P Vivekanandan

Investigation on Fly Ash based High Performance Concrete with Alccofine/Silica Fume-Ternary System
K. Dhanalakshmi, K. Ganesan

Performance Analysis of Survivable Hybrid Wireless Optical Broadband Access Networks
B. Prabha, A. V. Ramprasad

Energy Storage in Diesel Engine using Alumina PHE in Waste Heat Recovery System
Franklin S Benjamin, K Ramesh

A Hybrid Feature Selection Framework for Enhancing Network Intrusion Detection
J. Rene Beulah, D. Shalini Punithavathani

Developing a Sustainable Framework of Biomass Briquetting Cooperatives to Harness Agro Residues in India
Balasubramani Palaniyandi, Dr. Anbumalar Veerabathiran, Nagarajan S Manika

Optimization on Wear Behavior of Al-12Si Alloy Reinforced with ZrC Nano Particle using Factorial Design
C. Fradaric John, R. Christu Paul, S. Christopher Ezhil Singh, J. Jacobjose, T. Ram Kumar

Modified Standalone Single Stage Three Port Converter with Domain Distribution Control for Renewable Energy Applications
C V Pavithra, Vivekanandan Chenniyappan

Designing of Real Time Controlled Area Network for automobiles using Lab VIEW and cRIO
Manoj Kumar Palaniswamy, P Veena

Intelligent Control based Dynamic Power Tracking for Wind Energy Conversion System
K. Kavin Mullai, R. Hari Kumar

Fuzzy based Distributed Self-Organized Secured G-Cast Routing Protocol for Energy-Efficient Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
A. Asha, C. Arun

Assuring Quality of Service for Packet Scheduling using Scattered Routing Scheme in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
B. Vinodhini, Dr. M. Marikkannan, Dr. S. Karthik

Massively Parallel ECoG Signal Processing using MPSoC for Real-time Brain–Computer Interface
H. Kareemullah, N. Janakiraman, P. Nirmal Kumar

HIPS: Hierarchical Intrusion Prevention System for Conquering Denial of Sleep Attacks in Internet of Things
A. Jahir Husain, M. A. Maluk Mohamed

Fuzzy Logic Approach for Power Loss Reduction with Renewable Energy Integration
Ambika Ramamoorthy, Rajeswari Ramachandran

Data Sensitive Level based Encryption for Protecting Data Stored in Public Cloud
Ashok George, Dr. A. Sumathi

Real Oriented Dual Tree Wavelet Transform with an Optimal Threshold using Neighbor Coefficients and Gaussian Bilateral Filter for Image Denoising
Laavanya Mohan, Karthikeyan Marappan

Wavelet based Image Denoising with Locally Adaptive Window and Non-Local Means Filter
V. Vijayaraghavan, Dr. M. Karthikeyan

Low Cost and High Efficiency Buck-Boost Converter for Photovoltaic Applications
M. P. E. Rajamani, P. Subburaj, M. Willjuice Iruthayarajan, B. Venkatasamy

Effect of Karuvel Methylester in a DICI Engine with Spherical and Toroidal Bowl Chamber
S. Arumugam, K. Pitchandi

Buckling Analysis of Stiffened Curved Panel with Straight and Z-Shaped Stiffener
M. Ganesh, K. Sundararaj

Reducing Energy Consumption by Code Repositioning for Memory Levels
Anuradha Balasundaram, Vivekanandan Chenniappan

Features-Based Retinal Vessel Segmentation Methodologies: A Survey
T. Sumathi, Dr. P. Vivekanandan, Dr. Ravikanth Balaji

An Innovative Structure of Single Phase Multi-Step DC-AC Converter with Addition-Subtraction in DC Voltage Sources
S Mohamed Yousuf, S Latha, M Jagabar Sathik, S Veeravel Mani

Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Energy Storage in Packed Bed Direct Contact Heat Exchanger
S Benjamin Frankln, K Ramesh

Drilling of Polymeric Nano Composite Laminates Analyzing using Optimal Neural Network
P. Saravana Kumar, P. Hariharan, L. Vijayaraghavan

An Overview of Torque Ripple Minimization of Switched Reluctance Generator RG for Wind Power Generation using MPPT
Dr. K. Kannan Kaliappan

EEG Signal Separation using Improved EEMD - Fast IVA Algorithm
D. Sugumar, Dr. P. T. Vanathi

Upper Bound of H3(1) for Universally Prestarlike Functions
S. Chinthamani, A. Gangadharan, R. Muthucumaraswamy

A Hybrid Approach of Genetic Algorithm and Multi Objective PSO Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing
K. Raja Kumari, Dr. P. Sengottuvelan, Dr. J. Shanthini

E-Governance Service Quality and Effective e-Governance: A Quantitative Evaluation of Telecentres of Karnataka
Lakshmi Shankar Iyer, R N Subba Rao

Heuristics for Distributed Denial of Services
S. Umarani, D. Sharmila

Analysis of Parameters in Drilling Process Aid of Mathematical Modeling with Inspired Optimization Techniques
P. Saravana Kumar, P. Hariharan, L. Vijayaraghavan

An Effective Economic Load Dispatch Methodology for Power System using Improved TANAN's Algorithm
G. Sivagnanam, R. Maheshwar

Experimental Studies on Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Granite for Machine Tool Structure using Design of Experiments
C Shanmugam, P R Thyla, N Mahindra Kumar, S John Rabik, R Ragav Krishna, S Vivin Kumar

Multi Model Network Analysis for Improved Intrusion Tracing towards Mitigating DDoS Attack
Baskar, T. Gnanasekaran

A Hill-Climbing based Information Retrieval Mechanism for Formal Concept Analysis in Folksonomies
Dr. P. Pabitha, Sanjana Babu

Employee Engagement and Value Proposition Drivers and Modelling: Brand Alignment Structure for Enlargement of Indian MSMEs
Dr. VM Anitha Rajathi, M. Kathiravan, Dr. K Santhanalakshmi, Dr. K Mohamed Jasim

Financial Liberalization in India: The Way Forward or Backward
Archi Bhatia

A Secure Coding Approach for Digital Image Recovery and Protection using Watermarking
O. Madhusudhan Reddy, S. Chandramohan Reddy

Motherhood and Career of Women in Indian IT Industry Perspective
K. N. Chitra, Prof A. Chandra Mohan

Understanding Muslim Employment – The Historical and Political Dimension
Javaid Iqbal Khan, Effat Yasmin

Moral Development in Huckleberry Finn - A Cognitive Interpreatation
Dr. P. Kiruthika, D. Sivabalaselvamani

Cashless Economy: A Swot Analysis
Priyanka Joshi

Online Marketing of Medical Tourism
Dr. Ranbir Singh

Homework for Dental Tourism
Dr. Ranbir Singh

Optimization of Partial Products in Low Power Baugh Wooley Multiplier using Modified Shannon Adder Cell for Efficient ALU Design
B. M. Prabhu, Dr. S. Padma


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