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Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities
Year 2017, Volume-7, Issue-2 (February)
Online ISSN : 2249-7315

Table of contents

Parametric Optimization Studies on Cashew Nut Shell (CNS) Carbonisation
S Siva Kumar, Dr. S Ragunathan

Improved Channel Utilization with Energy Efficiency in Wireless Networks
K V Rukmani, Dr. N Nagarajan

An Efficient Path Completion Technique based on Auxiliary Pages for Web Usage Mining
P. Selvaraju, B. Kalaavathi

Sequence Gene Prediction based on Association Rule Mining
A. Umamageswari, Dr. C. Suresh Kumar

FPGA Implementation of FFT Architecture using Modified Radix-4 Algorithm
M. Kannan, E. Konguvel, J. Madhumitha, M. Mohamed Kamil Ashiq, K. Abhishek

Robust Classification of Brain Tumor in MRI Images using Salient Structure Descriptor and RBF Kernel-SVM
T. Rajesh, Dr R. Suja Mani Malar

Certain Investigation in DNS Stub Network Performance by using Accelerator System
K. Sampath Kumar, Dr. G. K. D. Prasanna Venkatesan

Minimized Ensemble Classifiers (MEC) for the Diagnosis of Uterine Cervical Cancer using the Papanicolau Smear Image Database
Vinolia Anandan, K. G. Srinivasagan

Power Quality Improvement in Three-phase Four-wire Distribution System using STATCOM with Reduced Switches
S. Dhanapal, R. Anita

Prediction of Unconfined Compressive Strength of a Stabilised Expansive Clay Soil using ANN and Regression Analysis (SPSS)
S. Sathyapriya, Dr. P. D. Arumairaj, D. Ranjini

Performance Analysis of Fuzzy processor for a Healthcare Application-Diabetic Epilepsy Risk Classifier
M. Jothi, N. B. Balamurugan, R. Hari Kumar

Comparative Analysis of Design of Low Power Full Adder Structures for Deep Sub-Micron Technology
Yamini Shanmugam, Dr. H. Mangalam

Design of Accumulate Compare and Select Unit of Viterbi Decoder at Reduced CMOS Process Technology
Yamini Shanmugam, Dr. H. Mangalam

Low Power VLSI Schematic Design of PC/BPSC Generation and Degeneration
Dr. G. Raja Kumar, A. Andrew Roobert

True Positive Detection of Non-Cooperative Nodes in Cooperative Wireless Networks
R. Gopal, Dr. V. Parthasarathy

Studies on Effect of Reinforcement on Tribological Performances of Phenol Formaldehyde based Frictional Material
S. Manoharan, P. B. Bharath, B. Suresha

Meta-Analysis in Autism Gene Expression Dataset with Biclustering Methods using Random Cuckoo Search Algorithm
M. Pyingkodi, Dr. R. Thangarajan

An Intillegent Decision Making System for Flood Prediction
C Priyadharsini, Dr. S Kannimuthu

Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel-Soybean Methyl Ester Blends using Variable Piston Geometry in Direct Injection Compression Ignition Engine
I. J. Isaac Prem Kumar, K. Lingadurai, K. Raja, P. Ganeshan

A High Speed VLSI Architecture of a Pipelined Reed Solomon Encoder for Data Storage in Communication Systems
A. Deepa, Dr. C. N. Marimuthu

An Improved Fire Fly Algorithm to Solve Economic Load Dispatch Problem including Practical Constraints
M. Karthikeyan, Dr. T. Sree Renga Raja

LETS-Location Aware Traffic Approximation Based Routing Attack Detection in Mobile Adhoc Networks
S. Saravanan, Dr. M. Ramakrishnan

Experimental Study of CO2 Capture using Activated Carbon in IC Engines
V. Amarnath, P. Senthil Kumar

Application of Recycled Aggregate with WVO, PVA and Aged Bitumen in Pavement
SM Subash, N Mahendran

Optimizing Exhaust Port in 2-stroke Free Piston Engine for Improving Scavenging Efficiency using CFD
M Nataraj, S Neelamegan, R Anandanarayanan

Cuckoo-search based Intuitionistic Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm
S. Parvathavarthini, N. Karthikeyani, Visalakshi S. Shanthi, J. Madhan Mohan

Cuckoo Search based K-Prototype Clustering Algorithm
K. Lakshmi, Dr. N. Karthikeyani Visalakshi, Dr. S. Shanthi

Effects of Injection Timing and Injection Pressure on Biodiesel Fuelled Engine Performance Characteristics: A Review
P. Mohamed Shameer, K. Ramesh, R. Purnachandran, R. Sakthivel

Explorations on Influential node Identification and Gender Prediction in Dolphin Network through Social Network Analysis
P Nancy, R Geetharamani, Shomona G Jacob

Enhanced AES Algorithm using 512 Bit Key Implementation
K. Anand, Dr. A. Chandra Sekar, Dr. G. Nagappan

A GS Optimized CMBERS+ to Minimize Broadcast Expenses in MANETS
Sathiya Dhamodharan, B Gomathy

Development of Advanced Cook Stove with Optimum Air Mixture using CFD
D. Sakthivadivel, A. Balakumar, S. Iniyan

A Comprehensive Survey of Reconfigurable Cache Memories for Energy Efficient Embedded Systems
S. Balasubramani, Dr. S. Ram Kumar

Region-Based Object Extraction using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Combined with Support Vector Machine
R. Sathish Kumar, Dr. B. Nagarajan, R. Karthikamani, Dr. M. Gunasekaran

Sequential Pattern Mining for Intrusion Detection System with Feature Selection for MANETS
A Fidalcastro, E Baburaj

Energy Efficient Task Scheduling to Implement Green Cloud
A. Sathya Sofia, P. Ganesh Kumar

Fragmentation and Dynamic Replication Model in Multicloud by Data Hosting with Secured Data Sharing
E. Bijolin Edwin, Dr. P. Umamaheswari, M. Roshni Thanka

Classification of Ultrasoud Thyroid Nodule using Feed Forward Neural Network
M. Malathi, Dr. S. Srinivasan

The Impact of various Nano Additives Blended with Diesel and Biodiesel on D.I Diesel Engine Performance, Combustion and Emission Parameters-A Mini-Review
S. Chandra Sekhar, Dr. K. Karuppasamy, K. Sathiyamoorthy

Performance Prediction of an Industrial Steam Boiler using Artificial Neural Networks
M. Sathya Priya, K. Selvamani

Experimental Investigation of Influential Parameters in High Speed Machining of AMS 4205
Suresh R Kumar, Dr. John S Alexis, Dr. V S Thangarasu

A Novel Approach on Unsteady MHD Radiative Flow Past an Impulsively Started Isothermal Semi-infinite Vertical Plate with Uniform Mass Flux in a Rotating System
Subbu Suba, B. Saravanan, R. Muthucumaraswamy

Indirect Current Control based Instantaneous Power controller of Cascaded Multilevel Inverter for Shunt Active Power Filter with LC Circuit
C R Rajesh

Biodegradation Approach for an Upcoming Disaster (Plastic)
T Baskaran, A K Priya, M Nithya, P M Priyanka

Discretized Support Vector Prediction Classifier for Big Data Computation and Information Sharing in Cloud
V. Vennila, A. Rajiv Kannan

FPGA based New Model Multi-level Inverter
P. Thirumurugan, Dr. S. Arockia Edwin Xavier

On N-posinormal, N-quasi Posinorml and (N, K)-Quasi Posinormal Weighted Translation Operators on L2-Spaces
S. Gopi, Dr. K. T. Nagalakshimi, Dr. D. C. Kumar

Certain Investigations of Numerical Simulation on Supersonic Combustor of Staged Transverse Injection behind a Backward Facing Step with Cavity
A. Sankaran, K. Sundararaj, R. Santhanakrishnan

On-μBaire space
A. P. Ponraj, D. Sivaraj

Energy Efficient Malicious Node Detection System in Wireless Sensor Networks
J. Santhosh, A. Rajivkannan, R. Vijayarajeswari

VLSI Implementation of RSA Cryptosystems using Montgomery Multplication with Sum Based Adder
G. Narmadha, Dr. K. Balasubadra

Thershold Max Method for Load Balancing in Cloud Computing
V. Sakthivelmurgan, Dr. R. Vimala, K. Raj Kumar

Certain Coefficient Bounds for Spirallike Function of Universally Prestarlike Functions Involving Conical Regions
Chellakutti Ramachandran, Lakshminarayanan Vanitha, Srinivasan Annamalai

Effect Hybrid Filler on the Properties of Epoxy Resin
R. Santhanakrishnan, V. Sangeetha

Performance Analysis of Nanomaterials based Transformer Oil
S. Sumathi, Dr. P. Subburaj

Experimental Study of Tribological Behaviour of E-GFRP for Wind Mill Yaw Drive in HAWT
G. Kumaresan, Dr. K. G. Muthurajan

Linear Impervious Feature Extraction by Entity based Image Analysis Approach using OLI/TIRS Imagery
Sivakumar Munusamy, Vidhya Rangasamy

Low Power and High Speed Synchronous Circuits using Transmission Gates
G. Naveen Balaji, V. Aathira, K. Ambhikavathi, S. Geethiga, R. Havin

Fast Test Pattern Generator using ATALANTA M 2.0
G. Naveen Balaji, S. Chenthur Pandian, D. Rajesh

Independent Component Analysis and Comparative Analysis of Oil and Acoustic Emission Technique for Condition Monitoring of Diesel Engines
P Rajesh Kumar, Dr. D. Lakshmanan, Dr. Tom Page

An Effective Lightweight Key Management (ELWKM) Model for Wireless Sensor Networks using Distributed Spanning Tree Structure
A. Swaminathan, Dr. P. Vivekanandan

Application of the Taguchi based Desirability Function Analysis to Improve a GFRP Micro-drilling Performance
D. Raj Kumar, P. Ranjith Kumar, C. Sathiya Narayanan, G. Sakthivel, S. Karmegam

Action based Color Captcha Approach based on Human Cognitive Factor in Web Applications
S. Thangavelu, T. Purusothaman, G. Gowrison

Image Fusion using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform with Maximum Selection and Multi-scale Edge Fusion of MRI and CT Images
N. Siva Kumar, Dr. K. Helen Prabha

A Study on Comparison of Security Features in Public and Private Sector Banks on Prevention of Cyber Crime
Anitha, Dr. R. Magesh

Panchayat and Monitoring of Public Health Care Delivery: A Study in Nadia District of West Bengal
Pritam Chanda, Dr. Tapati Bhadra Banerjee

Nigeria's Quest for a United Nations Security Council Permanent Seat: Prospects and Constraints
Muritala Dauda, Lateef Ameen

Impact of Technology on Classroom Learning-A Case Analysis of District Rajouri, J&K
Vishav Kirti, Sofiya Hassan Mir

Predicting and Recovering Link Failure Localization (PRLFL) in Wireless Sensor Networks
Raj K Kumar, Ganesh P Kumar, V Sakthivelmurugan

n-Inner Product Left-Linear Space
Srinivasan Vijayabalaji, Shanmugam Kalaiselvan

An Empirical Study on Behaviour of Health Insurance Policy Holders
P. S. Shabi Shimny, Dr. M. Babu

Pragmatic motives of “Nasir al-Din Tusi” for writing “Akhlagh Naseri”
Afrasiab Salehi Shahroudi, Mohammadali Ghaderi

Assessing the Reasons for Migration and the Social Problems Faced by Women Migrant Returnees from the Middle East in the Reintegration Process: The Case of Irob, Adigrat and Mekelle Towns
Gashaw Telay Mekonnen

Determining Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Demographic Variables
Anushree Karani, Hema Rajput, Rasananda Panda

Work Life Balance of Employees Working in Organized Manufacturing Sector: A Study with specific reference to Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
C. Karpagham, Dr. R. Magesh

Employee Engagement and Value Proposition Drivers and Modelling: Brand Alignment Structure for Enlargement of Indian MSMEs
Dr. Anitha VM Rajathi, M Kathiravan, Dr. K Santhanalakshmi, Dr. Mohamed K Jasim

Social Skills of Sensory Challenged Children in an Inclusive Education Environment: Influence of Intervention Programme
Dr. Venkat H Lakshmi, S C Asha

Resilience as a Predictor of Burnout Behaviour among Secondary School Teachers
Dr. Mandeep Kaur, Ramanpreet Kaur

Interdistrict Variations in Infrastructural Development of Punjab
Dr. Gulshan Kumar, Shallu Batra, Ranjeet Attri

Children's Rights along the Journey from Victim to Survivor: A Review of Literature on Children's Rights in India for Child Victims of Sexual Offences
Dr. Beulah Shekhar, Dr. Vijaya Somasundaram

Performance Analysis of an Efficient Architecture for Interference detector in Cognitive Radio Networks
D. Abitha Kumari, J. Sutha

Failure Prediction Resource Allocation for Dynamic Load in Virtual Machines using Hybrid Cloud
Dr. P. Sudhakar, R Vinoth

A Survey on TaaS & SECaaS in Cloud Environment
B. Padmini Devi, Dr. P. Sudhakar

Image Classification Based on Codebook Generation using New Clustering Approach and Distinctive Feature Selection
Dr. B L Velammal, D Sudarvizhi

Performance Enhancement in Image Encryption using Parallel Non Uniform Cellular Automata based PRN Generation
G. Selvavinayagam, K. Umamaheswari

A Hybrid Filter-Wrapper Attribute Reduction Approach For Fetal Risk Anticipation
V. Subha, D. Murugan, A. Manivanna Boopathi

Experimental Optimization of Mechanical Behavior of Ceramic Particles Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites based on Taguchi's Method
V. Mohanavel, K. Rajan, S. Arul, P.V. Senthil

An Improved Finite Impulse Response Filter Architecture using Substrate Bias Logic for Low-Power Applications
D. Malathi, M. Madheswaran

Microbial Growth Kinetics and Effluent Characteristics of Paper And Pulp Wastewater under Aerobic Digestion using SBR
Ranjith R Kumar, K Subramanian

A Development of Security Analysis of the SETX Protocol with a Malicious Node
Hemanand Duraivelu, Sankar N Ram


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