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Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities
Year 2016, Volume-6, Issue-8 (August)
Online ISSN : 2249-7315

Table of contents

Solving Intuitionistic Fuzzy Linear Programming by using Ratio Ranking Method
Dr. A L Nachammai, Dr. M Dhavamani

Protecting Sensitive Data using Multilevel Privacy Preserving Framework Withstanding Linear and Non Linear Attacks
R. Mynavathi, Dr. S. Malliga

An Enhanced Approach towards Privacy Preserving Email Spam Filtering
P. Rajendran, Dr. A. Tamilarasi, R. Mynavathi

An Analysis of Problems Faced by Private Medical Practitioners of Vellore District, Tamilnadu in Dealing with Outpatient Services
Dr. G. Shoba, Dr. A. Lakshmi, Dr. G. Prabakaran

Chunking and Storing of Sensitive Data in Public Cloud for Hospital Management
J. Visumathi, P. Jesu Jayarin, P. Shyja Rose

Minimization of Torque Ripple in Direct Torque Controlled Switched Reluctance Drive Using Neural Network
Pushparajesh Viswanathan, Manigandan Thathan

Ensemble Feature Selector for Aviation Accident Analysis and Prevention
S Meenakshi Sundaram, Dr. S Senthamarai Kannan, Dr. S Appavu Alias Balamurugan

Application of First Order differential Equations in Electrical Circuits
N. Karthikeyan, R. Srinivasan

Experimental Investigation on the Effects of Nano Fluid in ECM of High Carbon High Chromium Die Tool Steel
V. Sathiyamoorthy, T. Sekar, M. Subramanian

Effective Information Management – Case Study on Weather Systems
Kaladevi Ramar, Geetha Gurunathan, Narayanasamy Palanisamy

Review on High Utility Itemset Mining Algorithms
V. Kavitha, Dr. B. G. Geetha

Ergonomically Designed and Fabricated Industrial Trolley for Crane Tong Jaw Bit Changing
K Muruga Bhoopathy, T Karthikeyan

Study on Strength and Durability Properties of Cement Mortar with Chemical and Thermal Activation of Clay
P. Sudha, R. Selvaraj, T. Palanisamy

Production of Orange Oil Methyl Ester and Experimental Investigation on Thermal Barrier Coated Diesel Engine
V. Karthickeyan, P. Balamurugan, R. Senthil

Proficient Technique to Communicate and Detect Emotion of Differently - Abled Persons using Sensor Devices and Electroencephalogram Signals
Dr. B. Paulchamy, Dr. J. Jaya

An Efficient Interaction of Blind People with System using Braille and Image Coordinates Positioning Methodology
S. Supriya, Dr. C. Manoharan

Maximum Power Point Tracking of Modified Three Level Boost Converter for Thermo Electric Generator using Fuzzy Logic
P. S. Raghavendran, R. Asokan

A Transmission Efficient Secured Heuristic Path Ranking Geographic Routing Protocol in MANET
K. Mahalakshmi, D. Sharmila

Performance Characterization of Quantum Dot Solar Cell using Homotopy Decomposition Method
B. Murali Babu, K. R. Kavitha

Optimal Placement and Sizing of Distributed Power Sources in Microgrid for Power Loss Minimization Using Bat Motivated Optimization Algorithm
R. Vijay, C.S. Ravichandran

Secured QoS Routing and Data Communication in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
S. Jayachitra, C. Nelson Kennedy Babu

Comparative Evaluation of Artifacts Removal Techniques from Electroencephalography Signals
Dr. B. Paulchamy, Dr. J. Jaya

An Analysis of Opinion Regarding Service Quality Measures of the select Cellular Phone Service Providers in Salem District
R. Geethanjali, Dr. S. Asokkumar

RDCG-Randomized Distributed Cluster Grid Topology for Wireless Power Transfer Technology in Wireless Sensor Network
M Dhurga Devi, Dr. P Meenakshi Devi

Enhanced Bio Inspired Multicast Routing for Delay Tolerant Networks
E. Haripriya, K. R. Valluvan

Compressive Characterization of Modified Concrete by Partial Replacement of Conventional Binder with Red Mud
M P Suresh Kumar, Dr. Vennila Govindasamy

Mechanical Properties of Steel Fibre Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete
B. Sugumaran, Dr. G. Prince Arulraj

An Efficient Modern Irrigation and Plant Growth Monitoring System using Sensor Network
K. Sheela Sobana Rani, N. Indhumathi

Analysis of Mathematical Model for 2 Levels with Five Factors using Minitab to Find an Optimal Path in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Dr. D. Loganathan

Experimental Study on Self Compacting Concretewith Varying Proportion of Aggregate
S. Sundari, Dr. S. Sukumar

Performance Analysis of ELM Classifier for Classification of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) Images with Infinite Feature Selection
R. Prabu, Dr. R. Harikumar, Dr. S. Raghavan

Creating an Optimization Algorithm for the Minimum Size of the Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Rajan, Dr. S. Uma Maheswari

Object Relational Similarity with Semantic Similarity for User Interactive Content based Video Retrieval from Multimedia Dataset using Semantic Ontology
S. Vigneswaran, A. Leelamani, K. Divya

Prevention of Heavy Vehicular Accidents USING Raspberry PI
Dr. M. Prakash, J. Srikanth

Some Aspects of Intuitionistic Fuzzy 2-Inner Product Space
N. Saivaraju, V. Tamilselvan

Ultrasound Video Streaming using HEVC-XLD in WiMAX Networks
L Arun Raj, Dhananjay Kumar

Generalized Cartesian Product of Intuitionistic Fuzzy 2 – Inner Product Spaces
V. Tamilselvan, N. Saivaraju

Implementation of Energy Conserved VLSI System with Transducer System in Low Power Technology
R. Saravana Ram, Dr. L. R. Karl Marx

Review on Association Rule Mining Techniques with Machine Learning Approach for Cancer Treatment
T. Kiruthiga, Dr. M. Vijaya Kumar

Epileptic Seizure Detection using SVM Classifier based on Temporal and Spectral Features
Dr. L. Murali, Dr. D. Chitra, Dr. T. Manigandan, P. Priyanga

Certain Investigation on Context Aware Knowledge Discovery Strategies for Healthcare Systems
R. P. Shermy, S. Balamurugan

Ultimate Strength OFR.C Hollow Beams having Hole above and below the Neutral Axis
M Arun, N Arunachalam

Optimization of Efficient LFSR Using Low-Power Techniques
A. Suresh Babu, B. Anand, S. Thillaikkarasi, D. Priyadharshini

A Swarm Intelligence Based Data Aggregation Protocol for Improvement of Network Performance in Wireless Sensor Networks Clustering
Vijay Kumar Burugari, Dr. P. S. Periaysamy

Modified Bacterial Foraging Optimization (MBFO) to Improve Quality of Experience in LTE Networks
Dr. J. Vijay Franklin, K. Sathis Kumar

An Iterative Semi Blind Transform Domain Watermarking
S. Savitha Karpagam, M. Sundarambal

Studies on Abrasive Wear Behavior of UHMWPE Composites under Dry Sliding Condition
S. Selvam, K. Marimuthu

Image Magnification and Demagnification using Fuzzy Lattice Morphological Transformation
S. Jagatheswari, R. Viswanathan

Energy Constraint-Based Trust Assurance Route Formation in Wireless Sensor Network
S. Sakthi Vinayagam, V. Parthasarathy

RAIN Computing: Reliable and Adaptable Iot Network (RAIN) Computing
S. Balamurugan, P. Anushree, S. Adhiyaman, Dr. Gokul Kruba Shanker, V. S. Duruvak Kumar

SUN Computing: Scalable Ubiquitous Nestle (SUN) Computing for Healing on the IoT
S. Balamurugan, K. Deepika, R. S. Venkatesh, R. Poornima, Dr. Gokul Kruba Shanker, V. S. Duruvak Kumar

An Object Oriented Perspective of Context – Aware Monitoring Strategies for Cloud based Healthcare Systems
S. Balamurugan, R. P. Shermy, Dr. Gokul Kruba Shanker, V. S. Duruvak Kumar, V. M. Prabhakaran

Lightweight Cryptographic MTDAS Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network Devices
M. Rajendiran, Dr. C. Nelson Kennedy Babu

Optimization of Cement Concrete using Eggshell Powder
K. Sargunan, S. Senthil Kumar

An Endeavour on Application of Crumb and Chipped Rubber as Aggregates in Modified Concrete
A. Alex Rajesh, S. Senthil Kumar

Grade and Energy based Data Gathering Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks
P. Balamurugan, T. Ravichandran, V. Sharmila

A Neural Network based Cluster Ensemble Approach for Biological Data Clustering
S. Sarumathi, Dr. N. Shanthi

Firefly Optimization Algorithm Tuned Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller based Phase Shift Series Resonant DC to DC Converter
R Anand, Dr. P Melbamary

Multi-Objective Optimization of Stir Casting Parameters using Taguchi-Topsis Methods
Gopi Krishnan, Siva

Making People's Life Much Easier by Effective Face Image Retrieval from the Popular Online Social Network such as Facebook
R. Valarmathi, S. Saravanan

Reduction of Gate Power Dissipation in Zigbee SOC using Power Gating Logic
K. Parthiban, S. Sasikumar

An Optimized Multi-Objective Job Scheduling in Cloud Environment
M. Roshni Thanka, Dr. P Uma Maheswari, E. Bijolin Edwin

Comparative Evaluation on the Mechanical Properties of Cement Concrete and GPC Incorporated with Polymeric Fibre
S Kavipriya, Dr. Ilangovan

Investigation and Prediction of Material Removal Rate and Surface Roughness in CNC Turning of En24 Alloy Steel
S. Dinesh, A. Godwin Antony, K. Rajaguru, Dr. V. Vijayan

Performance Enhanced Inwireless Ad Hoc Networks using Multicost Parameters based Optimized Link State Routing Protocol
Dr. D. Loganathan, Dr. P. Ramamoorthy

Study on Properties of Concrete using Polyethylene Terephthalate [PET] Fibres
S. Karthikeyan, Dr. G. Vennila

Energy Efficient and Collaborative Communication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
S. R. Menaka, Dr. G. Murugesan

Opinion Mining for Cardiovascular Disease using Decision Tree based Feature Selection
M.:: Senbagavalli, Dr. G. Tholkappia Arasu

Implementation of Power Reduction Adder with High Recital Multiplier
L. Vigneash, Dr. C. N. Marimuthu

Multicast Routing Protocol using Virtual Symmetry Structure for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
H. Venkateswaran, V. Jawahar Senthil Kumar

Ruminant Digestive System Based Framework for Enhancing the Reliability and Availability of Cloud
S. K. Senthil Kumar, P. Balasubramnie

Investigation of Quality Parameter for Newspaper Printing & Optimizing the Six Colour Cold Set Web Offset Machine to Minimize the Paper Waste and to bring Down Carbon Foot Print through Process Optimization
B Srividya, Dr. V Thirunavukkarasu

Hybrid Clustering using Firefly Optimization Technique and K-Means Algorithm
M Krishnamoorthi, M Kalamani

A Hybrid Secure Routing and Monitoring Mechanism using Authorized and Concealed Arbitrary Watchdogs in Wireless Sensor Networks
S Rajasoundaran, P Narayanasamy, Janakiraman

Influence of Industrial Waste By-Products in Fortifying Concrete Matrix in Tandem with Longevity
D. Ramesh Kumar, Dr. S. Senthil Kumar

Variation in the Flexural Property of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate with Granite Powder
A. Sabarinathan, Dr. S. Suresh

Investigation on the Mechanical and Durability Properties of Concrete using Fly Ash and Copper Slag
M.:: Velumani, Dr. K. Nirmal Kumar

Soft Computing based Classifier Models and Comparing its Predictive Ability through Statistical Validation
Dr. B. Thanga Parvathi, Dr. S. Mercy Shalinie

Prediction of Diabetes using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)
Dr. B. Thanga Parvathi, Dr. S. Mercy Shalinie

A Study on the Technological Impact in Child Trafficking
S. B. Devi, Dr. C. Velayutham

Measuring Intellectual Capital – The Key to Innovation and Sustainability
Dr. Deepa Venugopal, Dr. M V Subha

Phrasal Verbs, a Means of Intercultural Communication – New Indian Phrasal Verbs
Dr. M. Renuga, Anita Ponmalar

Perception of Bankers on Factors Causing Non Performing Assets in the Indian Banking Sector
Dr. M. V. Subha, R. Vishal Kumar

A Novel Auscultation Recording System to Support QoS in E-Health services
V. P. Jayachitra, G. Geetha, K Nitin, K Nikhil, S Raj Kumar

The Entangled, Charismatic Role of Elder Sisters in select Novels of Danielle Steel
B. Abirami, Dr. S. N. Mahalakshmi

An Empirical Study on the Awareness of TQM Practices in Indian Technical Education Institutions
N. Nithya

Impact of Employee Commitment on Intentions to Participate in Change of Banking Sector in Salem District
Dr. P. K. Anjani

Next Day Stock Price Forecasting of Selected Nifty 50 in India
Dr. Varadharajan Palanisamy

Motivation to Innovate: An Examination of the Role of Employee Commitment
K Anagha, Dr. R Magesh

To Study on the Linkages between Personal Competencies and Stress among Medical Representatives in Coimbatore City
Dr. Priya Kalyanasundaram

A Study on Relationship Selling Behaviour and the Influence of the Brand with reference to Sales Performance
M. Sathish, Dr. R. Nandagopal

A Study on Factors Influencing Personal Financing Decisions of Management Students in Coimbatore
Dr. R. Nandagopal, M. Sathyapriya

A Study on Financial Literacy Relationship between IT Sector and Educational Sector Respondents
K Umamaheswari, Dr. Rajeswari Krishnan

Self Service Technology in Online Financial Services
Dr. P Varadharajan

Influencing the Intensity to Pay for Private Labels: The Role of Quality Perception and Consumer Loyalty in Indian Context - An Quantitative Modeling
K. R. Mahalaxmi, Dr. A. Velanganni Joseph, Dr. B. Annette

Service Quality Perception of Banking Customers in Erode District
A Ravisankar, Dr. D Muruganandam

Investor Dynamics and Service Quality in Mutual Funds: Implications for Allegiance towards AMCs
N Prakash, Dr. B. Balaji

Servicescape and Service Satisfaction: Spin-off on Service Life in Management Schools
V.P. Ramesh Kumaar, Dr. B. Balaji

Human Resources Management Practices and Organisational Commitment in Textile Industry
Dr. P. Kamalakannan

A Study on Functioning and Factors Influencing Successful Operation of Powerloom Industries in Tamilnadu State, India
Dr. G. Suresh, Dr. S. Chandrakumar Mangalam

A Case Study on the Lifestyle of Badaga Women in the Blue Mountain District of Tamil Nadu, India
Saraswathy Moorthy, Dr. Geetha Senthil Kumar

Quality Awareness through Training of the Working Community in Healthcare Organization of India
M. N. Shilpalatha, Dr. K. Narashiman

A Study on Enhancing the Quality of Life and Job Satisfaction among Transgenders in Southern Districts of Tamilnadu
Dr. G. Suresh Krishna

Forecasting Stock Market Volatility using GARCH Models: Evidence from the Indian Stock Market
R. D. Vasudevan, Dr. S. C. Vetrivel

An Empirical Study on Job Satisfaction, Organizational Role Stress and Burnout among Secondary School Teachers in Coimbatore
M. Priyadarshini, Dr. S. Prabakar

Helpless Victims of Uncontrolled Mind – A Critical Evaluation of Kamala Markanadaya's Characters from select Novels
C Karthikeyan, Dr. S Gunasekaran

On Sequentially Lambda Continuous Functions
R Vennila, C Duraisamy

A Pragmatic Study on the Challenges Tackled by Women Entrepreneurs with special reference to Salem Dt., Tamil Nadu
Dr. A. Ashok Kumar, Dr. A. Stephen

Opinion of Customers towards the Promotion Schemes Offered for Credit Cards with special reference to ICICI Bank, Namakkal, Tamilnadu
Dr. A. Stephen, Dr. A. Ashok Kumar

An Outlook of Customers towards BSNL Services – A Study with reference to Marketing Mix Elements
Anita Ramadass, C Swarnalata

Effective Connectivity of Imported International Air Cargo through Customs Bonded Trucking
Thomas Christopher De Almeida, Dr. R. Magesh

Modeling of Stock Index Volatility using GARCH Model–Evidence from NSE India
S. Raj Kumar, Dr. D. Sivakumaran

Exploring Superstition's Impingement on Conventional Cognition
D Alice Angel, Dr. S Arulchelvan

Economic Empowerment of Tribal Women in the Nilgiris District of South India
Dr. S. Ravi, J. A. Raja

A Study on Teachers’ Perception on the Importance of Testing at the Tertiary Level English in Engineering Colleges
S. Sharon Grace, Dr. T. Shrimathy Venkatalakshmi

Classification of Lean Firms on Widespread Adoption of Lean Principles using Cluster Analysis
Dr. S. Jaisankar, Lakshmi Subbramani

Risk Assessment on Indian General Insurance Companies Solvency using Expense and Loss Ratio Methods
P. Sundara Balamurugan, Dr. R. Magesh

A Comparative Study on Buying Roles Played by Individuals in Family on Purchase of Durable Products in Urban and Rural Tamil Nadu
Dr. K Arul Rajan

Balancing the Work and Family Life of Workers at RKM Mines, Salem, Tamilnadu
Dr. A. Ashok Kumar

An Analysis Regarding Overall Service Quality of the Commercial Banks in Salem District
R. Senthilkumaran, Dr. S. Asok Kumar

A Study on Consumer's Perception and Purchase Intentions towards Eco-Friendly Products
Dr. R. Prabusankar

Using Structural Equation Modeling Approach Discovering the Impact of Project Portfolio Management on Organizational Performance among the selected Information Technology Companies in Chennai City
Dr. D. Revathi Pandian

Relationship between Organizational Politics, Emotional Intelligence and Career Success – An Indian Perspective
K R Sowmya, N Panchanatham

Enhancement of Regenerative Pump Performance using Rapid Manufacturing Techniques
B Annadurai, M Arularasu, T Sudhakar, T Manoharan

Flow Analysis of Wet Scrubber and Fabric Filter using Computational Fluid Dynamics
S. Janaki, R. Jayachitra, A. P. Senthil Kumar

Behavioural Biases in Investment Decision Making: A Research Study on Loss Aversion Bias
Udayan Das, Shakti Ranjan Mohapatra

A Hybrid Approach of Dimensionality Reduction and Classification for Hyperspectral Imager
S. Chidambaram, Dr. A. Sumathi, R. Sinduja

A Review on different Waste Heat Recovery System in Diesel Engine Exhaust
Senthil Kumar Kandasamy, Shanmugavel Kandasamy

A Review on Energy Efficient Routing for Effective Communication in MANET
Dr. G Ravi, V Vivek

Analysis of Electrical Tree Inception and Propagation in XLPE Nano-Composites
C. Kalaivanan, S. Chandrasekar

Assessment of Potential Recharge Sites based on Drinking and Irrigation Groundwater Quality in Panamaruthupatti Block, Salem, India using GIS Technique
C.T. Siva Kumar, R. Neelakantan

Classification of Single PD Sources of HV Transformer Insulation Faults using PRPD Pattern Features and ANN Approach
G. Ramakrishna Prabu, S. Chandrasekar

CNLRA: Critical Node and Link Reconnect Algorithm for Wireless ADHOC Networks using Graph Theory
G. Sugitha, A. Albert Raj

Fabrication of Industrial Safety Helmet from E-Waste
G. Ganesh Kumar, G. Ranganath, M. Sakthivel

GIS and Remote Sensing for Micro Level Augmentation of Groundwater Resources using WPR and CSI Techniques
C. T. Siva Kumar, R. Neelakantan

Impact of Oxygen Enriched Combustion on Ignition Delay and Heat Release Curves of a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine
Kuppusamy Raj Kumar, Duraisamy Senthil Kumar

Investigation of Process Parameters for Laser Welding of Low Carbon Steel using RSM
K Vijayan, P Ranjith Kumar

Investigation on the Effects of Silver Nitrate Solution Mixed Electrolyte in Electrochemical Machining of AISI 202
A. Siva Kumar, M. Arularasu, T. Sekar, P. Suresh

Literature Review Paper on Analysis and Control of Small Signal Stability with DFIG based Wind Power System
M. Panneer Selvam, P. Prakasam

Mechanical Properties of Natural Fiber (Human Hair) Reinforced polymer composite
S. Prakash, R. Christu Paul

Multi Agent System based Tcp using Seamless Internet Access for Vanet
Dr. B. Sasi Kumar, Dr. S. K. Purushothaman

Numerical Analysis of Triple Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger using Dimpled Tube Geometry
K Senthil Kumar, S Perumal, R Mohan, K Kalidoss

Optimization of Friction Welding Parameters for AISI 304/AA6061 Dissimilar Metal Joint using RSM/ANFIS
N. Mathiazhagan, T. Senthil Kumar, M. Chandrasekar

Reduction of THD in Seven Level H-Bridge Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches
N. Siva Kumar, A. Sumathi

The Performance of the Heat Transfer in Internal Groove of Espressoheat Exchanger
S. P. Venkatesan, Dr. E. Palaniswamy

Design of DWDM System with Optimum FWM Parameters for FTTH Applications
S. Sugumaran, G. Suresh, P. Arulmozhivarman

An Integrated Model for Selection of 3PL Provider using Structural Equation Modelling and Fuzzy AHP
M. Narasimharajan, Dr. R Venkatesan

Measurement of Solder Joint Deformation by Laser Speckle Correlation Techniques
Balamurugan Rajamanickam, Muruganand Shanmugam

Dynamic Adaptation of Mobile Applications using Cloud Offloading
N. M. Dhanya, Dr. G. Kousalya

Privacy-Preserving Data Mining of Query Logs with Multiple Log Subtables in Conditional Functional Dependencies
S. Balamurugan, P. Visalakshi

CFD based Approach to Channel Depth Optimization of Forced Convection Flat Plate Solar Air Heater
P. T. Saravana Kumar

Hybrid Firefly Algorithm Harmony Search for Feature Selection with BCNF for Multiple Subtables and EM-GMM for Top Down Initial Partitioning
S. Balamurugan, P. Visalakshi

Multidimensional Circlet Lattice based Approach to Mine Spatially Co-Located Patterns
P. Rubini, Dr. C. Gowri Shankar

Survey on Performance Analysis of Data Converters for Sensor Network Applications
V Gowrishankar, Dr. K. Venkatachalam

Extended Application Algorithm Link Power Reduction in Real Time Bio Network on Chip
Dr. E. Sakthivel, Dr. V. Malathi, Dr. M. Arunraja, Dr. S. Tamilselvi, Dr. S. Vijayarajan

Intuitionistic Contra R-Continuous Functions
M. Dhavamani, A L. Nachammai, N. Rajesh

Experimental Study on Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Spark Ignition Engine with MTBE and DIPE
D. B. Siva Kumar, M. Arulmozhi, T. Senthil Kumar

Design and Analysis of Hybrid CMC DSTATCOM Control Topology for Mitigation of Load Current Harmonics
S. Suresh, M. Geeetha, Dr. S. Palaniswami

Improved Grid Fault Ride through capability of DFIG using Fuzzy controlled Dual Output Converter
M. Nirmala, Dr. K. Baskaran

Influence of different Types of Curing on Strength of Concrete
S. Gnana Venkatesh, Dr. M. Arun

Experimental Investigation on Tribological Behavior and Grey Relational Optimization of an Eco-friendly Automobile Brake Rotor Materials
M. Kumar, G. Balaji, K.S. Hanumanth Ramji, Dr. A. Megalingam Murugan

Modified Clustering based Outlier Detection Algorithm for Market Data Analysis
M. Kalimuthu, Dr. P. Sengottuvelan, Dr. S. Karthik

Design of Optimized Nonlinear Controller for CSTR Process
K. Vijaya Kumar, T. Manigandan

Data Mining Models to Improve Clinical Decisions
S Viveka, Dr. B. Kalaavathi

Influence of Nano Coating on an Exhaust Valve of a Thermal Barrier Coated, Bio-Diesel Fueled CI Engine
E. R. Siva Kumar, Dr. P. Senthil Kumar

An Efficient Document Ranking Algorithm and Classification for Recommending E-Content
N. Partheeban, Dr. Sankar Ram

Survey of Deep and Extreme Learning Machines for Big data Classification
M. Deepa, M. Raja Lakshmi

Shared Processing Element Architecture for An Area and Power Efficient FIR Filter Design using Double Base Number System
S. Saravanan, K. Raja

Hadoop based Efficient Product Recommendation System in Online Web
Dr. K. Saravanan, Dr. S. Silas Sargunam, Dr. M. Rajaram

Infusing Ergonomic Agility Characteristics in Pump Industry through the Application of CAD
V. M. M. Thilak, S. R. Devadasan

Active Moderate Power Flow Control of Hybrid Power Converter for Effective PV-Fuel Power Generation using FPGA Topology
S. Selvaganapathi, A. Senthil Kumar

Construction of QRM using Dense Factor in Quadtree
Srinivasan Vijayabalaji, Parthasarathy Balaji

The Impact of Managerial Ethics on Managers Organizational Trust in Second Period of Girls High School (Case Study: Areas of Nineteen part in Tehran City)
Hamed Ramezani Moghadam, Ziba Yazdani

Impact of Six-Sigma Approach on Increasing Patient Satisfaction in Shahid Rajayi Hospital
Zeinab Afshar Badr, Mohammad Taghi Imani

Investigation of the relationship of cognitive learning styles and self-efficacy beliefs in mathematics anxiety among high school students
Neda Nouhi, Mahmood Jamali Firouz Abadi, Fahime Nedaie Haddad

An Iranian View toward Turkish Foreign Policy about Iraq and its Impact on Iran's Security from 2003 to 2013
Morteza Yarahmadi


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