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Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities
Year 2016, Volume-6, Issue-5 (May)
Online ISSN : 2249-7315

Table of contents

Influence of Fuel Injection Pressure on Combustion and Gas Emissions in a TBC Diesel Engine Fuelled with Pongamia Bio-Fuel Blends for Sustainable Environment
K. Muralidharan, D. Senthilkumar

Modelling and Simulation of Non Linear Spherical Tank Level Process
K V Reshma, Dr. S. Sumathi

Wind Forces on Rotating Small Wind Turbine Blade Tip using Wind Tunnel Measurements
Dr. P. Saravanan, Dr. K.M. Parammasivam

Customer Lifetime Value in Organizations
Setareh Feiz, Ali Ramezani Ghotbabadi, Prof. Dr. Zainab Bte Khalifah

A Survey on ICT Usage among English Teachers at College of Engineering, Anna University
Arunna Balachandran, Dr. S.P. Dhanavel

Design Informations Management in Architecture Engineering and Construction Industry
Ar. Chandran Rekha Jetty, Prof. Dr. Venkatasubramani

A Comparative Study on Performance of Selected Mutual Funds with reference to Indian Context
Satheesh Kumar Rangasamy, Dr. T Vetrivel, M:: Athika

Perception of Trust in Mobile Payment Usage Intent in India: An Exploratory Study
Umesh Chandrasekhar, Dr. R. Nandagopal

An Ecocritical Approach to Jawaharlal Nehru's Letters from a Father to His Daughter
S. Keerthy, Dr. S. P. Dhanavel

A Structural Framework of Financial Behaviour of Mutual Fund Instruments
M K Harish, Dr. T Suganthalakshmi

Financial Stress in Indian Textile Industry-Extending the Conventional MDA Bankruptcy Model-A Study on Listed Indian Textile Companies in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
Prof. S. Swaminathan, Dr. V.R. Nedunchezhian

Usefulness of Annual Report to Professional Investors in India
Dr. D. Kavitha, B. Uma Maheswari, Dr. R. Nandagopal

On m-Closed Sets via αm-Open Set in Topological Spaces
R. Parimelazhagan, P.G. Palanimani, Milby Mathew

Supply Chain Maturity Driving Company Performance in Indian Companies
Satish Mohanram, Dr. N Vivek

Mediational Model of Micro Small and Medium Sized Business's Growth
Dr. C. Swarnalatha, M. Tharani

Challenges, Laws, Needs, Tools, Success and Failures of Lean Six Sigma Application: Extraction for Literature Field
M. Nagaraj, R. Raju, V. Raja Sreedharan

ST-ACRP: Signal Strength and Trip_time based Ant Colony Routing Protocol in MANET
O.S. Gnanaprakasi, P. Varalakshmi, S. Giriprasath

Changing Face of Indian Health Insurance Industry (With Special Reference with Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CMCHIS))
Dr. M. Mohana Sundari, Dr. P. Vidhyapriya

An Investigation and Statistical Analysis for Ranking of Lean Wastes in Garment Manufacturing Scenario
G. Vijaya Kumar, Y. Robinson

Evaluating the Strength Characteristics of Sea Sand replaced Concrete
M. Karthikeyan, V. Nagarajan

Dimensions of Brand Equity: An Investigation on Higher Education Institutions
Vijayalakshmi P Menon, Dr. G. Barani

Neuro Fuzzy Based Rainfall Forecasting
Dr. K. Nirmala Devi

Energy Efficient and Optimal Cloud Storage Algorithms for Temporal Query Processing in Cloud Databases
S. Muthuraj Kumar, M. Vijayalakshmi, A. Kannan

Human Resource Climate in Construction Industries: A Factor Analysis Approach
Dr. S. Padmavathy, Dr. J. Ashok, Dr. M. Umasankar

Exploiting Thresholds and Prediction Based Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network
Nandhakumar Ramachandran, Varalakshmi Perumal

Effect of Pongamia Oil Blending with Polymer Oil on Engine Performance and Exhaust Emission in a Diesel Engine
P. Ganapathi, Y. Robinson, K.S. Seetharaman, T.S. Sarath Kumar

Stock Returns and Volatility: Evidence from Nifty 50 Index
Karthika Palanisamy, Karthikeyan Parthasarathy

Effective Feature Reduction for Health Care Data Set using Hybridized Feature Selector
P. Sundaravadivel, Dr. S. Senthamarai Kannan, Dr. S. Appavu Alias Balamurugan

IBRNN-EDFM: An Improved Bayesian Regularized Neural Network based Electricity Demand Forecasting Model
T.M. Usha, S. Appavu Alias Balamurugan

Analysis on Trading Intruments and Trading Strategies
Dr. R. Akila

Identifying Factors for Developing a Compatible Culture to Sustain Employee Engagement
R. Krishnaveni, R. Monica

A Structural Equation Model Perspective-Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction towards selected Indian Mobile Network Service Providers
S Vasundhara, Dr. C. Swarnalatha, Dr. T. Jothimurugan

Lean Manufacturing Analysis using Design of Experiments and Computer Simulation
Dr. R. Baskaran, Dr. A. K. Sheik Manzoor

Certain Investigations on Stock Forecasting using Social Media
Dr. K. Nirmala Devi, Dr. P. Jayanthi

A Systematic Review on Impact and Role of Social Network Softwares in the Society Development
Dr. A. Nirmal Kumar, Dr. B.G. Geetha

Predicament of Women in Tagore's the Punishment and Debits and Credits
K Ravi, Dr. S N Mahalakshmi

A Cost Based Correlated Logical Methodology for Choosing Optimum Lean Tools and Techniques based on Lean Survey in Garment Manufacturing Industries
G. Vijaya Kumar, Y. Robinson

Implementation of a Valuable Team Work Concept and Cellular Manufacturing Layout Design in Garment Manufacturing Scenario
G. Vijaya Kumar, Y. Robinson

Recognition of Ancient Stone Inscription Characters using Normalized Positional Distance Metric Features
G. Bhuvaneswari, Dr. V. Subbiah Bharathi

Prediction of Groundwater Level Fluctuation by ANN and ANFIS Techniques
N Vetrivel, K Elangovan

Mitigation of Voltage Deviations in FSIGs using CHB-Multi-Level Converter based STATCOM
K. Malarvizhi, K. Baskaran, R. Mahalakshmi

Reactive Power and Load Margin Optimization in Power System with Wind Power using Hybrid GSA Algorithm
M. G. Sugirtha, P. Latha

A New Approach for Solving Unbalanced Fuzzy Transportation Problem
Dr. S. Muruganandam, R. Srinivasan

Analysis of Synchronous Buck Converter with ANFIS Controller for Industrial
Processor V. Agalya, Dr. R. Samson Ravindran

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Weakly Contra Open Mappings in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological Spaces
A. Manimaran, K. Arun Prakash

A New Optimum Method of Mean Difference Fuzzy Filter for Noise Reduction in Color Images
Dr. M Hari Krishnan

A Meta-Heuristic based Virtual Machine Placement and Migration for Optimal Resource Utilization in the Cloud Computing Environment
P. Aruna, S. Vasantha

Optimal Solution for Multi-Objective Two Stage Fuzzy Transportation Problem
Dr. S. Muruganandam, R. Srinivasan

A Method of Solution to Intuitionistic Fuzzy Transportation Problem
Dr. S. Muruganandam, R. Srinivasan

Design of a Fault Tolerant Load Balancing Scheduler for Computational
Grid P Suresh, P Keerthika

A Hierarchical Multi-Constrained Cost Efficient Qos-Driven Scheduling Heuristic for Computational Tasks in Grid
P Keerthika, P Suresh

Fuzzy Neural Network based Real-Time Driver Fatigue Detection and Warning System using EEG Waves
Dr. B. Aruna Devi, A. Kalaivani

FPGA Implementation of Novel Real Time Distributed Canny Edge Detection Algorithm
Dr. M. A. Raja, C. Manju, Dr. B. Aruna Devi, S. Kalaivani

Improving Classification Performance with PCA-CFS and PCA-SA Feature Selector
S. Subashini, Dr. S. Appavu Alias Balamurugan

Enhancing Classifiers Performance using Data Quality Checking
A. Solairaj, Dr. S. Senthamarai Kannan, Dr. S. Appavu Alias Balamurugan

Individualization of Work Phenomena and Job Satisfaction of Information Technology Industry Employees
N. Indhira, Dr. N. Shani, Dr. K. Prabhakar

Antecedents and Consequences of Customer Relationship Management in Banking Sector
Dr. V Krishnamoorthy, N Prakash

End to End Logistics Cost of Companies Operating in Sipcot, Tamilnadu
Dr. P. Vidhya Priya, Dr. Mohanasundari

Women Representation and Empowerment in Politics: Role of Self Help Groups in Tamilnadu
Dr. T. Dheepa, Dr. G. Barani

Analysis of Bulk Batches with atleast K-Number of Arrivals in an M[x/k]/M/1: ∞/FIFO Queueing System
S. Murali, K. S. Ramaswami, S. Devaarul

A Time Based Correlated Logical Methodology for Choosing Optimum Lean Tools and Techniques in Garment Manufacturing Scenario
G. Vijaya Kumar, Y. Robinson

Impact of Personality and Need Satisfaction in Explaining the well being among Students
Dr. T. G. Vijaya, Nikkitha V.C. Vaishnavi

Going all the Way: A Study on Porn viewing Habits and its Influence on Violent Sexual Fantasies in India
Dr. C. Velayutham, N. Tamilselvi

Evaluation of Physical and Chemical Parameters of Water Samples Collected from Thenpennaiyar River at Kelavarapalli, Krishnagiri District, South India
N Sridhar, Senthil J.S. Kumaar, D. Saravanan

Reconnoitering the Relationship between Service Quality and Customer Retention with respect to selected Private Sector Banks in Chennai City
M. S. Sasikala, Dr. P. Umarani

Factors Determine the Preference of Organised Grocery Retailers in an Emerging Market
Paulrajan Rajkumar

Social Media Marketing (SMM)-A Strategic Tool for Developing Business for Tourism Companies
Dr. Nalini Palaniswamy

A Study on Consumer Attitude and Buying Behaviour towards Organized Retail Stores in Erode District, Tamil Nadu, India
Dr. S. Kumar, Dr. S. Varadaraj

A Study on Performance Evaluation of Indian Stock Market with special reference to NSE and BSE
M. Dhanasekaran, V. Navaneetha Kumar

Consequentiality of Celebrity Endorsement on the Purchase Decisions of the Consumers
K. Soniya, Dr. P. Karthikeyan

Analysis of Transactional Analysis (TA) Styles with respect to Information Security (IS)
Prof. Avani Rachh, Dr. Usha Chavali

Mediation Effect of Hygiene Factors between Motivation Factors and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)
M:: Rajkumar, Dr. S Prabakar

Experience of Exclusion: Tamil Cinema and Male to Female Transgender Community
S. R. Shanmugavel, Dr. S. Arulchelvan

Discovering the Purchase Behaviour towards Solar Products for Domestic Appliances-using Structural Equation Model
Dr. R. S. Lekshmi

A Study on Effectiveness and Reasons of using Knowledge Management Practices
S Mohanavel

Investigating the Impact of Training & Development Programmes on Employees' Performance in TANGEDCO at Madurai using Structural Equation Modeling Approach
Sophia Immanuel, C. Muthuvelayutham

Association of Profile Variables on Retail Service Quality Factors in Supermarkets
Dr. S. P. Thenmozhi

Diagnosis of Diabetic Disease with differential Equation using Fuzzy Convergence
Dr. R. Viswanathan, P. Shanthi Devi

Probing the Factors Influencing Shoppers’ Behaviour and its Impact on Shoppers’ Loyalty-An Empirical Study with special reference to Shopping Malls in Chennai City
Dr. A. Nirmal Raj

Relative Importance of Concerns, Norms and Social Status among Bangaloreans in choosing Green Products
Dr. M. G. Saravanraj, Sruthi Pillai

Influence of Concentration on Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of Nebulizer Sprayed n-type v2o5 Thin Films
I. Pradeep, N. Suriyanarayanan, R. Karunathan

Growth, Structural, Optical, Quantum Chemical and Pharmacological Investigations on 2-Chloro 5-Nitropyridine (2cl5np)-An Organic Nonlinear Optical Crystal
R. Siva Kumar, B. Mohan Babu, M. Abirami, V. Nadaraj

Optimization of Drilling Process Parameters for Material Removal Rate and Surface Roughness on Titanium Alloy using Response Surface Methodology and Fire Fly Algorithm
B. Suresh Kumar, V. Vijayan, N. Baskar

IMBES Model Leverages Sustainability in Manufacturing Industry-An Integrated Theoretical Approach
K. P. Paranitharan, T. Ramesh Babu, A. Pal Pandi, D. Jeyathilagar

An Empirical Study on Role Stress Encountered by Frontline Managers in Private Life Insurance Companies
Dr. P. Praba Devi

An Empirical Study on Productivity of Commercial Banks in India
S. P. Sreekala, Dr. N. S. Santhi, Dr. S. Subadra

An Innovative Research in Power Quality Conditioner for Hospitality Sector
N. Gunavardhini, Dr. M. Chandrasekaran

Mitigating Stress through Empowerment A study with respect to Manufacturing sector organizations in Cochin, Kerala, India
Soumya Subramanian, Dr. N Ramkumar

Nation Development with Small Hydro Power Generation-A Review
Dr. P. Sridharan, Dr. N. Kuppuswamy

Influence of Temperature and Pressure on the Performance of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
M. Muthu Kumar, P. Karthikeyan, A.P. Senthil Kumar


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