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Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities
Year 2015, Volume-6, Issue-12 (December)
Online ISSN : 2249-7315

Table of contents

Experimental Studies on Rigid Concrete Pavement by using various Cost Effective and Recycled Materials for Improving the Strength and Reducing the Cost of Pavement
Prabhu T Karthik, K Subramanian

Enhanced Fuzzy Rule with Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Based Handoff Algorithm in Wireless Mobile Communication Network
R. Ganesan, Dr. B. Sowmya

Effect of Stiffeners on Castellated Beams
B. Anupriya, Dr. K. Jagadeesan, B. Saranya

Robust Classification of Multi Class Brain Tumor in MRI Images using Hybrid Structure Descriptor and Fuzzy based Kernel-SVM
A. Prabin, Dr. J. Veerappan

Segmentation and Validating the Accuracy of Classification Algorithms in Brain Tumor Magnetic Resonance Images using Machine Learning Approach
R. Arun, Dr. D. Murugan

Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization based Vertical Handoff Decision Algorithm for Multicriteria Metrics for Radio Heterogeneous Network
M Dhipa, Dr. B Kalaavathi

Design and Implementation of Disaster Aware Routing Protocol to Large Scale Disaster Network
K. Pushpalatha, Dr. M. Karthikeyan

Rule based scheduling Algorithm for Scheduling Mechanism in Large Scale Data Center
M E M Asha, Dr. P Vivekanandan

Enhancing the Classification Accuracy in Sentiment Analysis using Joint Sentiment Topic Detection with Naive Bayes Classifier
PCD Kalaivaani, Dr. R. Thangarajan

A Hybrid Software Development Model for Risk Reduction through Agile Principles
M. Sakthivel, G. Singaravel

Experimental Investigations on EDM Process for Optimum Cylindricity and SR through less Machining Time for Al6061/SiC Composites
V. Balasubramaniam, N. Baskar, C. Sathiya Narayanan

Survey of Hard Real Time Task Scheduling Algorithm on Multicore Processor
Lordwin Cecil Prabhaker Micheal, Dr. K Manivannan

An Effective Scheduling Algorithm for Auditability Awareness using Cloud
M. Kumaresan, Dr. G. K. D. Prasanna Venkatesan

An Efficient and Novel technique to Cluster the User Interests in E-commerce with Web Usage Mining for Web Personalization
Dr. R. Lokesh Kumar, Dr. P. Sengottuvelan, Dr. A. Bharathi

A Fuzzy Control based Analysis of Load Frequency Controller for Deregulated Interconnected Power Systems
M. Vinoth Kumar, C. Kumar, P. Suresh

A Novel Fuzzy Logic based Adaptive Duty Cycling for Wireless Sensor Networks
A Albert Martin Ruban, R Anandaraj, Dr. K Selvakumar, N Rajeswari

Interruption Avoidance with Space Vector Modified Pulse Width Modulation for Z-Source Inverter
Dr. J. Shanmugapriyan, Dr. A. Chilambuchelvan, Dr. S. Vijayan

Experimental Investigation of I.C Engine using various Diesel Blends
A. Godwin Antony, S. Aravind, S. Dinesh, K. Rajaguru, Dr. V. Vijayan

An Efficient Enhancement of Rotor Angle Stability using a Hybrid BBO-DE Approach
K. Karthikeyan, P. Lakshmi

A Study on Fetal Arrhythmias and Synthetic Data Generation
M. Pradeepa, Dr. K. Helenprabha

Vienna Rectifier for a Wider Range of Load Variation using Mixed Mode Predictive Input Current Control
K. Srinivasan, S. Vijayan, M. Thiruvenkadam, K. Sundaramoorthy

Artificial Neural Network Modeling for Predicting Surface Roughness and Material Removal Rate in End Milling of AA7075-SiC-Al2O3 Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
B Rajeswari, K S Amirthagadeswaran

A Novel Method for Classification of Unstructured Documents by using Wordnet based Semantic Similarity
R. Umamaheswari, Dr. N. Shanthi

Low Cost and Efficient Implementation of Sobel Edge Detector
V. Geetha Priya, P. Lakshmi, Elaprolu Hema

Quality Improvement in the Cylinder Head of Petrol Engine by Implementation of DMAIC
Dr. R. Jayachitra, S. Lalith Ashwin, Dr. A. P. Senthil Kumar, R. Rajesh

Assessment on the Influence of Compression Ratio on the Performance, Emission and Combustion Characteristics of Diesel Engine Fuelled with Biodiesel
P. Mohamed Shameer, K. Ramesh, R. Sakthivel, R. Purnachandran

Studies on Correlation between NOx and In-cylinder Temperature in a D.I Diesel Engine using FLUKE Thermal Imager for different Alternate Fuel Blends
P. Mohamed Shameer, K. Ramesh, R. Sakthivel, R. Purnachandran

An Improved Job Scheduling in Cloud Environment using Auto-Associative-Memory Network
M Kowsigan, P Balasubramanie

A Generic Framework for Content based Image Retrieval and Similarity Re-ranking of Volume Rendered Stereoscopic 3D Medical Images
K. A. Shaheer Abubacker, Dr. J. Sutha

Improving the Network Lifetime and Energy Conservation using Target Trail in Cluster of Mobile Sensor Networks
M. Sheik Dawood, P. Abinaya, M. Jehosheba Margaret

Dynamic Waypoint Navigation Assisted Agricultural Flying Vehicle for Field Data Collection
V. Pandiyaraju, P. Shunmuga Perumal, L. Sai Ramesh, S. Ganapathy, A. Kannan

Optimization of BLDC Motor for Submersible Motor Pump-sets Application
M. Anand, Dr. B. Vinod, Dr. M. Sundaram

Cross-Site Scripting Attack Detection and Removal using Ant Colony Optimization Approach
Megala Manickam, Dr. Uma Maheshwari Govindasamy

Design and Development of 5-HP BLDC Motor for Submersible Application
Dr. M. Sundaram, M. Anand, Dr. B. Vinod, N. Mounya

A Novel Fuzzy based Relay Selection for Cooperative Communication
S. K. B. Sangeetha, Dr. R. Dhaya

Bit Error Rate Performance Comparison of Large Scale MIMO Receivers using Spatial Modulation
M. Kasiselvanathan, Dr. N. Sathish Kumar

Multi Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem by Adaptive Genetic & Decision Support System
Suguna Marappan, Sharmila Dhandapani

Economic Analysis for different Types of DG Placement in Radial Distribution Network
R. Sivasangari, Dr. N. Kamaraj

Performance Improvement of MANETS using Energy-Efficient Opportunistic Routing with Co-Operative Layer
S. Mylsamy, Dr. J. Premalatha

Privacy Preserving with Enhanced Access Control for Distributed Data Dissemination in WSN
SVN Santhosh Kumar, P Yogesh

Design of Bidirectional DC to DC Converter for Aerospace Applications
K. Srinivasan, G. Themozhi

Novel Shrinkage Thresholding Technique using Sparsity with Minimization Regularization
N. Kopperun Devi, Dr. S. Suresh Kumar

PSO based Level Control System for Non-Linear Interacting Spherical Tank System
S. J. Suji Prasad, B. Venkatesan, M. Haripriya

Summative Score based Virtual Machine Instance Allocation in Cloud Computing
P Karthikeyan, Dr. M Chandrasekaran

Optimal Policy-Screening for Training and Promotion
Dr. B Thilaka, Janaki Sivasankaran, Dr. S. Udayabhaskaran

Agent based Intelligent Routing Algorithm for Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Network
M Selvi, A Kannan

Alternate Tool for Comparative Analysis of Diesel Engine Emission with Simple Mathematical Model using Response Surface Methodology
P. C. Mukesh Kumar, M. Vijaya Kumar

Fault Tolerance in Wireless Sensor Networks using Negative Code Answering Algorithm
T. Gobinath, A. Tamilarasi

Intensifying the Mechanical Properties of Is-4454/1981 Spring Steel Material
T. Bhuvanesh Kumar, N. Balaji, J. Esakiappan

Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Mild Steel Quenched in Al2O3/Water Nanofluid
M. Baskaran, K. C. K. Vijaya Kumar, S. Senthil Raja, R. Ganga Devi

Enhance Voltage Stability using Intelligent Techniques with the Aid of Facts Controller
Dr. A Satheesh

Providing Tension Free Life Style by Optimal Network Selection with Seamless Mobility
J. Faritha Banu, V. Gnana Sekar

Effects of Moisture Content and Die Pressure of Artocarpus Heterophyllus Leaves Powder Biomass Processing by using Response Surface Methodology
S. L. Sango, P. Seeni Kannan, S. Suresh, S. C. Vettivel, S. Christopher Ezhil Singh

HSCT-An Efficient Framework for Security in Medical Imaging using Hybrid Stego-Crypt Technique
S. Prabagar, S. Vasuki

A Comprehensive Study on Control Strategy for a Standalone Variable Speed wind Turbine System
S Pragaspathy, Dr. B Anand, Dr. P Maniiarasan

Experimental Investigation of Machining Parameters in Electrical Discharge Machining using OHNS Material
M. Panneer Selvam, R. Ravi Kumar, P. Ranjith Kumar

M-Quiz using Android for Periodic Assessment in Higher Education
Dr. K. Saravanan, Dr. A. Radhakrishnan

A Performance Investigation and Mitigation of Harmonics for the Wind Powered Generators
S Pragaspathy, Dr. B Anand, Dr. P Maniiarasan

Study on Labour Productivity Management in the Construction Industry
Dr. S. Arulselvan, H. Syed Arshad

Medical Image Segmentation based on Minimization of Region-Scalable Fitting Energy
Dr. B. Vinoth Kumar, Dr. R. Hari Kumar, G. Karthick, P. Sunil Kumar

Error Correction Codes for Secure Cloud Data Centers
G Sahaya Stalin Jose, C Seldev Christopher

Content based Image Retrieval using Query based Feature Reduction with K-means Cluster Index
J. Annrose, Dr. C. Seldev Christopher

Security Enhanced Labeling Scheme for Efficient XML Content Dissemination in Social Sciences
S. Sankari, S. Bose, A. Kannan

A Fuzzy based Ranking Framework for Ascertaining the Optimal Cloud Service Provider
Tina Esther Trueman, Dr. P. Narayanasamy

Secured Web Service Communication using Attribute based Encryption and Outsource Decryption with Trusted Certificate Authorities (ABE-TCA)
N. Anitha Devi, M. Sundarambal

Dual Reinforcement Effect of Nanoclay and Jute Fiber on the Mechanical Properties of Polyester Resin
S Ramakrishnan, Dr. K Krishnamurthy, Dr. R Rajasekar

Model Based Design approach for Component Design Implementation in Automotive System Development
P. Siva Kumar, B. Vinod, R. S. Sandhya Devi

Precisious Estimation of Solar Irradiance by Innovative Neural Network and Identify Exact Hidden Layer Nodes through Novel Deciding Standard
M Madhiarasan, S N Deepa

An Integration of Web Mining and Security for Ensuring the E-Marketing Websites
K. Sridharan, Dr. P. Siva Kumar

A Study on the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Occupational Role Stress: A Key to Success with Special Reference to IT Sector
Dr. K Jawahar Rani, R S Mekhala

An Analysis of Weak-Form Efficiency in Banking Sector: A Study with a Special Reference to National Stock Exchange
S. Premalatha, Dr. V. R. Nedunchezhian

Work Life Balance of Women Professionals in IT Industries: A Literature Survey
Dr. V. Kumaravel, N Anitha

Influence of Demographic and Work Related Factors on Organizational Climate and Role Stress of IT Employees
M. Priyadarshini, Dr. S. Prabakar

A Study on Perception towards Celebrity Endorsement
Dr. K. K. Ramachandran, Dr. M. Saravana Kumar

Role Conflict and Stress Faced by Employed Couples
P. Vanitha, C. Ramesh, Dr. S. Kuppusamy

Lean Six Sigma Approach to Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness Performance: A Case Study in the Indian Small Manufacturing Firm
C. Ramesh, Dr. C. Manickam, S. C. Prasanna

Powerloom Sector Entreprenuers Cluster Analysis-A Study on selected Powerloom Units
Ravi Kumar Nateshan, S Kuppusamy

Linking Perceived Authenticity, Perceived Value, Satisfaction and Behavioural Intentions of Heritage Tourists
Anil Verma, Dr. G. Rajendran

Traditional System of Medicine and Medical Anthropology: A Review
Abhishek Sharma, Raj Kamal Pathak

Customer Perception on Service Quality in Commercial Banks in the Techno Era
A. Ravisankar, Dr. D. Muruganandam

Moderating Effects of Location on the Determinants of Customer Experience for Supermarkets
Dr. J. Ramya

Education & Self Confidence Accelerate Women Empowerment: A Search among Middle Class Educated Indian Women in Eastern District of Dindigul, Tamil Nadu
P. Vanitha, R. Subramania Pillai

A Study on Compensation and Benefits Impact of Employees Motivation and Performance in Pump Industry Limited to Coimbatore City
Dr. M Saravana Kumar, V. R. Kalaiselvan

Women and Leadership-A Critical Evaluation on Barriers in India
Dr. C. Thirumal Azhagan, Dr. S. P. Dhandayuthapani

Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Alloy Reinforced with Silicon Dioxide and Fly Ash Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
M. S. Kumaravel, Dr. N. Alagumurthi, Dr. V. Thirunavukkarasu

Service Oriented Architecture for an Efficient Automation of Sensor Networks Data on Cloud with Internet
N Bharathiraja, Dr. P. Senthil Kumar

Tribological Properties Study on Polyamide with Incorporated Lubrication
J. Narendran, Dr. T. Karthikeyan

Reputation Based Efficient Concealed Data Aggregation with ECEG Implementation India WSN
R. Lathamanju, Dr. P. Senthil Kumar

Enhancing the ISP Server using Service Differentiantion and Protecting Overload with Improved Security
M. Shobana, Dr. P. Senthil Kumar

An Expert Secured Data Communication in Wireless Networks using an Active Key Generation
V. Perumal, Dr. D. Paul Rodrigues

Performance Analysis of a 15 Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Switches
R. Yalini, Dr. N. Suthanthiravanitha

Crop Seasonal Meteorological Drought Severity Assessment using SPI Indices
M. Karthika, M. Krishnaveni, Dr. V Thirunavukkarasu

Legal Requirements for Arbitrators in International Commercial Arbitration from the Point of View of Iranian Laws
Amin Shahla, Hamid Reza Nourmohammadi, Mohsen Sahebi

A Study on Emotional Wellbeing among Adolescent Girls in Schools
A. Winnie Joyce


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