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Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities
Year 2016, Volume-6, Issue-11 (November)
Online ISSN : 2249-7315

Table of contents

Dual Local Binary Pattern based Gender Detection from Facial Image
Chitra, Dr. Balakrishnan

Design and Development of Reliable Energy based Efficient Protocol for Improving Fault Tolerance in MANET
Dr. N. Suma, Dr. T. Purusothaman

Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Spiral Type Heat Exchanger using ANN
N. Bagyalakshmi, Dr. M. Thirumarimurugan

Classification of Cervical Cancer using Ultrasound Images
R. Jemila Rose, S. Allwin

Study on the Perception of the Primary School Teachers in Updating Technology for Teaching Learning Practices in Krishnagiri District, Tamilnadu
S. Suresh, Dr. A. Ravi, Dr. M. Saravana Kumar

An Efficient Approach for Malicious Node Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Classifier
R. Vijayarajeswari, A. Rajivkannan, J. Santhosh

Performance Metrics for Feature Selection, Clustering and Classification Algorithms
D. Asir Antony Gnana Singh, S. Appavu Alias Balamurugan, E. Jebamalar Leavline

Allocation of Spectrum using ADCSO for Collision Avoidance and Cooperative Spectrum Sensing with MIMO
V. Nagaraju, L. C. Siddanna Gowd

Impression of Telemedicine on Patient Happiness on the way to health Services
Dr. P. S. Venkateswaran, V. Ravi Kumar, Dr. Binith Muthukrishnan

Accidental Navigation and Rescue System using GSM and GPS Technology
N Dhanasekar, G Ganesan Subramanian

Experimental Design and Analysis of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Drive Shaft
D. Valavan, R. Balasundaram, G. Rajkumar

A Schema for Evaluating Service Provider Level Trust
S D Prabu Ragavendiran, B Kalaavathi

Efficient Privacy-Preserving Cloud Data Auditing Protocol
L. Yamuna Devi, Dr. K. Thilagavathy

Optimal Clone Attack Detection Model using an Energy-Efficient GSA based Simulated Annealing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Rajesh Kumar Dhanaraj, Dr. A Shanmugam, Dr. C Palanisamy, Dr. Am Natarajan

Privacy-Preserving Secure On-Demand MANET Routing Protocol for Adversarial Environments
Gunasekaran Muthumanickam, Gopalakrishnan Balasubramanian

Investigation of Tool Wear and Optimization of Process Parameters in Turning of EN8 and EN 36 Steels
S. Ganesh Kumar, V. Thirunavukkarasu

Existence and Controllability of Fuzzy Solutions for Impulsive Neutral Functional Integrodifferential Equations
R. Ramesh, S. Vengataasalam

Field Oriented Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
R. Suja, Dr. P. Melba Mary, Dr. P. Subha Karuvelem

A Comparative Analysis of Certain Weight based Clusterhead Selection Approaches for MANETS
G. R. Sreekanth, Dr. R. C. Suganthe, R. S. Latha

An Efficient Implementation of Road Accident Analysis using Open Source Application
S.D Anitha Selvasofia, Dr. G. Prince Arulraj

Ontology based Framework for Hereditary Disease Identification
V. P. Sumathi, K. Kousalya, V. Vanitha

Raindrop Algorithm based AWPI Controller Tuned Chopper Driven PMDC Motor
S Muthukrishnan, S Saravana Sundaram, Murugananth Gopalraj

Analysis of Filters using Computational Fluid Dynamics in Static State
S Janaki, R Jayachitra, A P Senthil Kumar

Impact of ASE Noise on RZ, NRZ and Manchester Modulation Formats in Hybrid TDM/DWDM System
R. Hemalatha, R. Mahalakshmi

Consistency Testing of Phishing Websites based on Random Model Approach using Classification Algorithms
Shyni C Emilin, A Anesh D Sundar, S Swamynathan

Experimental Investigations on Machinability of Beryllium Copper C17200using Electrochemical Micro Machining
K Raja, Dr. R. Ravikumar, Dr. V. Thirunavukkarasu, M. S. Kumaravel

Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams Partly Curved in Elevation
S. Ramakrishnan, N. Arunachalam

Seismic Behavior of 4-storey Ferro-cement Retrofitted R.C Frame with RCC Strips in the Brick Infill Panel
P Sathiaseelan, S Arulselvan

Loss Differentiated DCCP-TCP-Like in Wireless Sensor Network
Dr. B. Chellaprabha

VLSI Implementation of an Efficient Digital Up Converter based FIR Filter Architecture
M. Revathy, G. Swathi

Lifetime Enhancement of WSN using Energy-Balanced Distributed Clustering Algorithm with Honey Bee Optimization
M. Yuvaraja, M. Sabrigiriraj

Establishing Relationship between Mechanical Properties and Process Parameters of Friction Stir Spot Welded Dissimilar Al Alloy/Cu Joints
S. Siddharth, T. Senthil Kumar

A Novel Approach of Mutual Authentication for Restricted User Forums of Social Network Sites
P. Venkateswari

A Novel Link Reliable Multipath Routing Protocol for MANET
B. Suganthi, C. Vennila, Ko Seok-Bum

Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Unit based on Power System Loss Index
N Priyadharshini, R Meenakumari, M Priyadharshini

SVMPWM based STATCOM for Voltage Transient Stability
D. Prakash, Dr. R. Mahalakshmi, Dr. M. Karpagam

Obstacle Detection and Identification for Visually Impaired People using Arduino MEGA 2560
M Anandan, M Manikandan, D Saranyaraj

Hollow Microneedle for Drug Delivery Applications to Improve Patient Compliance
N. Raja Rajeswari, P. Malliga, B. K. Gnanavel

A Z-Score Fuzzy Exponential Adaptive Skipping Training (Z-Feast) Algorithm for Efficient Pattern Classification
Dr. R. Manjula Devi, Dr. P. Keerthika, Dr. P. Suresh, M. Sangeetha

A Time Frequency Analysis and Classification of Real Time Power Quality Disturbances via Signal Processing Techniques and Back-Propagation Algorithm
M K Elango, S Manoj Arun

Effective Approches and Challenges Focused in IRIS Image Recognition – A Survey
M Ramya, Dr. V. Krishnaveni

Mechanical Properties of Cocktail Fibre Reinforced High Performance Concrete using Silica Fume
M. Kalaivani, G. Vennila

An Effective Scheduling Algorithm for Auditability Awareness using Cloud
M. Kumaresan, Dr. G. K. D. Prasanna Venkatesan

Implementation of Approximate Matrix Inversion for Multi – User Cellular Systems
K Kalyani, S Rajaram

Novel Hybrid High Gain Buck Boost Converter based Energy Saving PI Controller with Photovoltaic Fed Dynamic Voltage Restorer (PV-DVR) System
C Kumaresan, Dr. P Selvan

Multi-Metric Clustering in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks using Firefly Optimization Algorithm
R. S. Latha, Dr. G. Murugesan

A New Multilevel Inverter Design with Reduced Power Electronic Components for Three Phase Grid Connected System
G. Arthy, Dr. C. N. Marimuthu

Multi Criteria based Task Scheduling in Cloud Environment
P. Kumar, Sheila Anand

A Comprehensive Review of BAT Algorithm and its Applications to various Optimization Problems
N. Mohan, R. Sivaraj, R. Devi Priya

Parametric Optimization of Micro Deep Drawing Process using Fem Based Taguchi Method
M. Subramanian, N. Saravanakumar, Gukanrajaram, C. Sathya Narayanan

Cascaded Multilevel Inverters for Reduce Harmonic Distortions in Solar PV Applications
A Nazar Ali, R Jeyabharath, M D Udayakumar

SRAM Cell Memory Design for Power Reduction using Low Power Techniques
V Rukkumani, R Devarajan

Performance Analysis of Physical Layer Network Coded Bidirectional Relay Networks using Space Shift Keying Modulation for Los Communication at Millimetre Wave Frequencies
E. Murugavalli, S. J. Thiruvengadam

Ru(II) Functionalized with of S-allyldithiocarbazate: Synthesis and Spectral Studies, Bimolecular Interaction (DNA/BSA), Catechol Oxidase, Phosphatase-like Properties
Selvakumar Ponnusamy, Narayanasamy Ramaswamy, Nanjundan Nanjan

Heterogeneous Link Prediction Technique in Personalized E-Learning System using SVM
T. Gopalakrishnan, Dr. P. Sengottuvelan, Dr. A. Bharathi, R. Lokeshkumar

Experimental Investigation on Performance and Emission Characteristic of Diesel Engine using Pongamia Oil
M Ravi Kumar, Kalidasan B

Reactive Power Compensation using Fuzzy Gain Scheduling Controlled STATCOM for Grid Connected PV System
R. Ganesh, Dr. V. Senthil Kumar

Investigation the Print Quality of Web Offset Colour Prints on Newsprint Paper
B Srividya, V Thirunavukkarasu

Enhancement of Solar Power Tracking in Photovoltaic using Fuzzy Logic Controller
R. Yasodharan, Dr. A. P. Senthil Kumar, Dr. A. P. Karthikeyan

Power Proficiency Opportunistic Routing (PPOR) Algorithm based on Bandwidth for Wireless Sensor Networks
B. R. Tapas Bapu, P. Blessy Priscilla

An Integrated Framework to Enhance Performance of Online Students
V. Vanitha, Dr. P. Krishnan

A Study on Financial Performance of select Pharma Companies in India using Z-Score Model
Dr. C. Swarnalatha, G. Dhinesh

Development and Validation of Employee Engagement Scale
Dr. R. Krishnaveni, S. M. Deepa

Wining Strategies of Powerloom Entreprenuers - A Study on selected Powerloom Units at Tirupur District, Tamilnadu, India
N Ravi Kumar, Dr. S Kuppusamy

Marriage And Forbearance of Women Characters as Portrayed in Shashi Deshpande's selected Novels that Long Silence and Small Remedies
M. Sakthi Radha, Dr. S. Parvin Banu, Dr. M. Renuga

A Study on Employee Engagement in Public Sector Undertaking among Managerial Employees
Pandian S P Karuppasamy, Dr. S Prabakar

Challenging Stereotypes: A Semiotic Analysis of Indian Advertisements
C. Lakshmi, Dr. Veena Selvam

Striving for Pedagogical Excellence Understanding the Dynamics of Environment and Changes in Learners
S. Kumaraperumal, Dr. D. Muruganandam, Dr. G. Barani

A Study on Factors Influencing Satisfaction and Trading Behaviour among Investors using Mobile Trading System: An Indian Perspective
Dr. J. Venkatesh, P. Syamsundar

A Cognitive Brand Positioning Exploration with Data Mining
Dr. G. Maheswaran, Dr. R. S. Somasundaram

A Relational Study on Quality Parameters of Baldrige Award with Stable Performance Outcome in Indian Star Hotels
Jagannathan Sekkizhar

A Study on the Competence of Employees in Information Technology Companies of Coimbatore
S G Aparna, Dr. S Jaya Bharathi

Nationalized Banks and Private Banks. How do they stack up?
N Chidambaram, Dr. P. Vikkraman

A Study on Consumer Buying Behaviour on Instant Food Products in Erode and Salem Cities
A. Jafersadhiq, Dr. A. Mahadevan

Managing the Organizational Stress and its Impact on Employees” Behaviour
A. Sharmila, Dr. M. S. R. Mariyappan, Dr. S. Sundararajan

Service Quality of Public and Private Sector Banks in Erode City: A Comparative Study
N. Amul Praveena, Dr. A. Mahadevan

Factors Affecting Work-Life Balance among Women Employees in Banking Sector – A Study
A. Sharmila, Dr. M. S. R. Mariyappan

Entrepreneurial Propensity among Female Engineering Students – An Empirical Study from Rural Provinces of South India
M. Kotteeswaran, S. Kuppusamy, T. K. Murugesan

Atwood's Surfacing: A Feminine Protest against Gender Bias
C Muhuntarajan, Dr. C. Rengarajan, Dr. Y. L. Sowntharya

Reconnoitering the Relationship between the Quality of Work-Life and Organizational Commitment among the Employees Working in Automotive Industries, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai
T Chandrasekar, Dr. K Jawahar Rani

Investigating the Impact of Online Advertising on Consumer Attitude towards Purchasing Electronic Gadgets – An Empirical Study using SEM Approach
C. Rajalakshmi, Dr. Uma Rani Purusothaman

Probing the Impact of Workplace Issues on Job Performance of Temporary Workers in Automobile Industries, Chennai - using Structural Equation Modeling Approach
G. Maya, Dr. Uma Rani Purusothaman

An Optimal Cluster based Broadcasting Method using GA in MANET
J. Banumathi, R. Kanthavel

Implementation of Total Failure Mode Effects and Analysis in Tea Industry using Fuzzy Logic
Y. Brucely, C. Sudhahar, Y. Sujar

Automated Structure of 3D Animation Video based on Camera Standardizations and Sectors
Ganesh R Karthik, Dr. R. Kanthavel

Redundant Location of PMU for Complete Observability and Wide Area Monitoring of Power System using Real Coded Genetic Algorithm
R. Nafeena, M. Willjuice Iruthayarajan

Investigations on Dielectric Performance Characteristics of Natural Ester based Nano-Fluids for Power Transformer Applications
D. Prasad, S. Chandrasekar

Analysis of Water Treeing Resistance Performance Characteristics of Nano Filled XLPE Cable Insulating Material
S. Purushotham, S. Chandrasekar

Mobility-Assisted Uncertainty Reduction based on Hierarchical Scheme in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
K Pushpalatha, Dr. G. Karthikeyan, Dr. M. Chitra

Defect Analysis in Friction Stir Welding Process using Wavelet Transformation Technique
J Rabi, T Balusamy

Enhancement of OEE by using TPM and TQM Concept in Automotive Industry
Rajesh S Jangaler, G Ranganath

Optimization of Cost in Reverse Logistics using HSS Algorithm
S. Robin Divahar, C. Sudhahar, L. M. Karthikeyan, K. Sathiyavani

Advanced Computational Flow Analysis - Rocket Engine Nozzle
S. Senthil Kumar, M. Arularasu

Experimental Investigation on Indirect Mode Double Pass Natural Convection Solar Dryer with different Configurations of Absorber Plate (Radish)
R. Srinivasan, Dr. T. Balusamy, M. Sakthivel

Secure Data Sharing using Access Control Mechanism in Cloud based Environment
R. Velumadhava Rao, Dr. K. Selvamani

Effect of Surfactant and Tool Material on the Surface Roughness of Al 6061 IN Turning Operation
P. Vijayalakshmi, A. Arokiasamy, R. Elansezhian

EASDAG – Energy Aware Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
P.N. Renjith, E. Baburaj


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