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Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities
Year 2016, Volume-6, Issue-10 (October)
Online ISSN : 2249-7315

Table of contents

Deadline Constrained based Workflow Scheduling for Cloud Computing
P. Kumar, Sheila Anand

Employee Engagement in Information Technology Professionals as a Function of Gender
Saumya Goyal, J. C. Ajawani

Health News Covered by Newspapers during Heavy Rain and Flood in Chennai
Dr. V R Revathy, B Ramya

Fertility Profile and Safe Neonatal Practices of Mothers of Neonates in Rural Area of West Bengal
Bibhash Roy, Prabhdeep Kaur, Amitabha Dan, Achhelal Pasi, Kanti De Kunal

Wrapper based Feature Selection using Binary Flower Pollination Algorithm
Meiyalahan Preethi, Ponnusamy Thangapandian Vanathi

Fuzzy Clustering by Local Approximation of Memberships with Decision Tree based Trust Intrusion Detection System for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Nandha Kumar, Dr. N. Malmurugan

Analysis of Power and Delay in CMOS Universal Gates using Single Virtual Rail Clamping Technique
S. P. Kesavan, R. Rajeswari

Enhanced Approach of EHDE-PSO based on SA for Dynamic Economic Load Dispatch
S. Hemavathi, Dr. N. Devarajan

Thermo-Acoustical Molecular Interaction Studies in Ternary Liquid Mixtures by Ultrasonic Velocity Measurements at 303K
V Rohini, Dr. R Kesavasamy, R Chithradevi

Enhanced Linearisation Approach for CTA Linearisation based on Evolutionary Algorithm
Dr. A. Abudhahir, J. Babitha Thangamalar

Enhanced Approach of Spectral Clustering-Hybrid Mean Cut Balanced Clustering in VLSI Circuits-(SC-HMCBC)
T. Kowsalya, Dr. S. Palaniswami

Network Reconfiguration with Optimal DG Integration into Distribution Network for Power Loss Minimization via AGPSO
G. Srinivasan, Dr. S. Visalakshi

Voltage Sag Compensation using DVR based Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Coil with Pi Controller
M. Manikandan, Dr. A. Mahabub Basha

Handling Selfishness False Alarm in Data Replica Allocation Method over MANET
M Kavitha, Dr. S Karthik

Experimental Investigation and Optimization of Machining Parameters in CNC Turning Operation of Duplex Stainless Steel
S Dinesh, A Godwin Antony, S Karuppusamy, B Suresh Kumar, V Vijayan

Design and Analysis of Automotive Wheel Rim by using ANSYS and MSC Fatigue Software
S. Karuppusamy, G. Karthikeyan, S. Dinesh, T. Rajkumar, Dr. V. Vijayan, J. Kalil Basha

Testing of Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Composites
T. Raj Kumar, S. Karuppusamy, V. Vijayan

Certain Explorations on the Effect of Performance Characteristics of Dual Fuel Diesel Engine Run on Lime Treated Biogas
M. Ravi, K. C. K Vijaya Kumar, Dr. A. Murugesan

An investigation on Facial Expressions using Computational Intelligence techniques and Wavelets
Senthil Ragavan Valayapalayam Kittusamy, Venkatesh Chakrapani

Efficient Optimization and Placement using Enhanced GHB-IC Approach in Smart Power grid System
L. Parimalam, Dr. R. Rajeswari

Design and Analysis of Area & Energy Efficient Approximate Multiplier
M. Revathy, S. Sudha

Distributed Hybrid Fault Tolerant Model with Fault Recovery for Mobile Grid
S Kavitha Bharathi, Dr. S Vegataasalam

Real-Time Implementation of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic/Fuel Cell/Electrolyzer/Battery Hybrid Power System
M Muthuvinayagam, M Anbarasan

Reduction of Source Current Harmonics in R and Rl Load with Active Filter at Source End
A Siva Kumar, N B Muthu Selvan

An Improved Differential Protection of Large Power Transformer using Fuzzy based Protective Relay for Inrush Current and Harmonic Components
Dr. I. Alagarasan, N. Siva Kumar, S. Gopi

FPGA Implementation of Adaptive Filters using Partial Update Algorithm
S. Gomathi, Dr. G. Murugesan, S. Sasikala

Performance Analysis of Robust Recursive Least Square and its Lattice Structure for Noise Cancellation in ECG Signals
S. Gomathi, Dr. G. Murugesan, S. Sasikala

3D Numerical Modeling of Quantum Dot Photo Detector using Haar Wavelet Transform
B. Murali Babu, K. R. Kavitha, P. Elakkiya

Structural Behaviour of Rubberized Concrete Composites-An Innovative Approach for Sustainable Waste Management
T. Senthil Vadivel, M. Doddurani

Mechanical Properties Study on Concrete Made with Recycled Concrete Aggregates
S. Gunasekar, Dr. N. Ramesh

An Efficient Assessment Methodology for the Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders from the Uttered Speech Signal
S. Selva Nidhyananthan, T. Punithapandeeswari, R. Shantha Selva Kumari

A Study on Laser Surface Hardening of Cylindrical Components in Manufacturing Process
S Balasubramanian, R Thirumalai, K Manonmani

Influence on the Compressive Behavior due to Addition of Pelletized Pond Ash Aggregates
R Jagadeesan, S Senthil Kumar

Robust Data Transmission through Video Watermarking under Noisy Environment
S Poongodi, Dr. B Kallavathi

An Efficient Hybrid Data Perturbation Approach to Preserve Privacy
N. Kousika, Dr. K. Premalatha

Biometric Signcryption using Hyperelliptic Curve and Cryptographically Secure Random Number
J Premalatha, Rajasekar Vani, K Sathya

Detection of COPD and Asthma using SOC in FPGA with Labview
N. Suresh, T. Sasilatha

Enhanced Performance of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Based Cardiac System with Modified Compressor using Vedic Algorithm
N. Suresh, T. Sasilatha

Optimal Placement of Piezoelectric Patches on Cantilever Beam for Voltage Generation: Experimental Study
M. Sasi Kumar, K. Paramasivam

Power Aware QoS Management in Node-Disjoint Multipath Routing Protocol FOR Mobile Adhoc Network
K. Senthil Prakash, Dr. T. Guna Sekar

Automatic Threshold Selections using Artificial Bee Colony in Duplicate Record Detection
K. Deepa, C. Vivek, S. Palanivel Rajan

Assessment of the Groundwater Quality for Irrigation Purposes in Rasipuram Taluk, Tamilnadu, India
P Magesh Kumar, S Ananda Kumar, T Pradeep, M Suresh, S Ramesh

Aerodynamic Performance Evaluation of Bionic Inspired Low Speed Wind Turbine Blade
P Viswanathan, T Prabu, S Sivasubramaniam, R Rudramoorthy, Imanuvel

Investigation of Web Users Behavior for Determination of Best Patterns using Hybrid Genetic Association Mining Algorithm
M. Malarvizhi, Dr. S. A. Sahaaya Arul Mary

Treatment of Pulp and Paper Wastewater by Electro Fenton Process
G Selvabharathi, S. Adishkumar, G. Ginni, S. Devi

Predicting Tool for Cyclone Separator with Simple Mathematical Model using RSM
A. Mercy Vasan, V. Gopalakrishnan, N. Prasanna, M. Vivekanandan

Adaptive Route Synchronization and Providing QoS over Wireless Sensor Networks-Ropes
V. Tamizhazhagan, Dr. R. Saminathan, A.M. Sameeullah

Thermal Performance of the Flat Plate Solar Air Heaters with Thermal Storage
P. T. Saravana Kumar, K. Myailsamy

Experimental Investigation on Replacement of Fine Aggregate with Dolomite Silica Waste in Cement Concrete Roads
A. Sudhahar, K. Sridevi, Dr. D. L. Venkatesh Babu, Dr. R. Venkatasubramani

Design of Interleaved Three-Phase Single Switch Boost PFC Converter
Dr. R. Latha, Dr. J. Kanakaraj

Analytical Model for Estimation of Heat Transfer in Gas Metal ARC Weldingtorch Nozzle
M. R. Anantha Padmanaban, N. Baskar, K. Devakumaran

Investigation on Development of Self Compacting Mortar for Ferrocement from Work
K. Sridevi, A. Sudhahar, Dr. D. L. Venkatesh Babu, Dr. R. Venkatasubramani

Novel Authentication based Framework for Smart Transportation using IoT AND Memetic Algorithm
P Kuppusamy, B Kalaavathi

Response of Concrete Made WITH Partially Treated Textile Effluent TO Acid Attack AND Chloride Attack
P. Ramya, V. Revathi

Lifting based 2d-Discrete Wavelet Transform for Image Compression based on Residue Number System
V Geetha, Dr. G Murugesan

Performance Analysis of various Power Converters for Power Factor Correction in BLDC Motor with Fuzzy Logic Controller
Dr. C. Venkatesan, Dr. B. Gopi, Janat Ul Ferdoez

Cell Nuclei Classification and Immunohistochemical Scoring of Oral Cancer Tissue Images: Machine-learning Approach
K. A. Shahul Hameed, Dr. A. Banumathi, Dr. G. Ulaganathan

A Study on Evolving Composite Indicators for Web Content Searches
M. Palanisamy, J. Shanthini, S. Karthik

Water Quality Index of Cauvery River and its Three Tributaries, South India
S. Hema, T. Subramani

Emission Characteristics Study of Environment Friendly Karanja Oil with various Additives in VCR Engine
M. K. Murthi, Dr. S. Nithiyanandam

Cost Evaluation of Pollution Control Devices in a Small Scale Foundry
S Janaki, R Jayachitra, A P Senthil Kumar, C Poornima

Design of Control System for a Pineapple Drying Process
D. Vijayanandh, V. M. Sivakumar, M. Thirumarimurugan

Experimental Analysis of Liquid Insulating Medium for High Voltage Transformers
M Vanitha, N Narmadhai, M Karthik

Harmony Search Optimized Fractional Order PID Controller for Voltage Control of Fuelcell
R Vinu, Varghese Paul

Modelling and Digital Simulation of a Standard IEEE-30 Bus System to Improve Power Quality of Grid with UPQC using MATLAB
S. Ravirajan, Dr. T. Muthamizhan

Fuel Cell Application in Vehicle by Novel Fuzzy Logic Based DC-DC Converter
N. Balaji, Dr. S. Senthil Kumar

Fault Tolerant Control with Reconfiguration Mechanism for a CSTR
R M Ganesh, Dr. S Manoharan

Design of Single-Phase Seven-Level Grid-Connected Inverter using Solar System
K. K. Saravanan, Dr. N. Stalin, Dr. T. Sree Renga Raja

A Compressed Brain Image Classification System Enhance with Multi Image Particle Swarm Optimization Segmentation
Dr. L M Palanivelu, Dr. V K Manavalasundaram

Investigation on Properties of Sintered Rice Husk Ash
M. M. Saravanan, Dr. M. Sivaraja

Controller Design for Evaluating Optimal Chemical Ratio in Starch Modification Process
M Madhan Mohan, S Vijayachitra

Multi-Point Co-Ordination Scheme for Traffic Control Systems
R C Karpagalakshmi, D Tensing, A M Kalpana

Development of Analytical Model to Estimate the Effective Thermal Conductivity of Two-Phase Materials with Nano Particles
A. P. Senthil Kumar, R. Gopinathan, P. Karthikeyan, S. Janaki, M. Muthukumar

Economical Point of View of Queues of Vehicles in Minimizing the Loss Factor of Content in Sugarcane: A Case Study at an Indian Sugar Mill
P Saravanamoorthi, M Parimala

Correlation Aware Compressive Sensing Scheme for Energy Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks
S Renuka, Dr. A. Abudhahir

Route Selection in AODV Protocol based on Link Quality Measurement using Cross Layer Interaction
A. Vijayaraj, Dr. R. M. Suresh

Hybrid BELBIC based PV Powered Vector controlled Induction Motor Drive
Mr. N Rameshkumar, Dr. Md. A.M.J. Zubair Rahman

Dempster-Shafer Fuzzy Soft Choquet Integral and its Application in Decision Making
Srinivasan Vijayabalaji, Adhimoolam Ramesh

Risk Assessment in Cancer Treatment using Association Rule Mining Techniques
Dr. S. Prakash, Dr. M. Vijaya Kumar

Self-motivated Packet Shifting in Multichannel Network
S. Manohar, S. Selva Kumar

Examining Sense of Community in Massive Open Online Courses in relation to Cognitive Engagement
Latha, K. Malar Mathi

The Linkage of Emotional Intelligence, Service Performance, Service Quality with Customer Satisfaction-A Case Study of Public and Private Sector Banks in India
S Meenaprabha, Dr. T Jothimurugan, Dr. Pandi A Pal

Design and Implementation of Modified Buck Boost Converter Fed B4 Inverter for Brushless Dc motor Drive using Low Cost DSPIC Controller
S. Sathish Kumar Shanmugam, Dr. R. Meena Kumari

Indian Standards for Corporate Social Participation Disclosure Index-Analysis of IT Companies in India
J. S. N. Nimmu Vasanth, Dr. C. Swarnalatha

Risk Assessment of Insurance Outlook with Special Reference to Automobile and IT Industry: An Descriptive Approach
Vipin C Nair, Dr V Navaneetha Kumar

A Cross-Sectional Examination of the Sources Contributing to Academic Stress
Dr Vijaya Mani

Employee Attrition-Cause and Remedy: A Study on SMES IT Companies in Madurai City, Tamil Nadu using Structural Equation Modeling Technique (SEM)
Dr. C. Swarnalatha, V. B. Devi Bala

Electronic Service Quality and its Impact on Usage of Online Banking Users with Special Reference to India
Dr. H. Kalaiarasi, Dr. A. Stephan

A Critical Analysis on Motivational Drivers of Managers in select Public Sector Banks in Bengaluru, India
M. J. Subramanyam, Dr. N. S. Viswanath,

Right Class Size a Matter or Not-A Study on the Impact of Class Size on Students’ Performance in Tertiary Level Studies
M. Karthikeyan, Dr. M. S. R. Mariyappan

Benchmarking the Standards for Sustainability for an Automotive Firm
Dr. Hansa Lysander Manohar, Ganesh Kumar Ramesh

Employees’ Perception towards Performance Measurement Factors: Structural Equation Modeling Approach
Dr. A. Sasirekha, Dr. J. Ashok

Analysis of Hurdles and Stress of School Teachers among Employed Couples
P. Vanitha, Dr. S. Kuppusamy, C. Ramesh

A Study on Stress Management among Bank Employees with special reference to Erode District
K. Mohanapriya, A. Mahadevan

Cultural Congruity as a Major Divergence in Jhumpa Lahiri's “Interpreter of Maladies”
Dr. J. Jayachandran, M. Durairaj

Sri Aurobindo as a Spiritual Optimist: An Over View from Savitri, The Life Divine and The Synthesis of Yoga
Dr. S. Jayanthi, M. Umai Arasi

A Review of Policy Framework for Small and Medium Enterprises in India
P Satheesan, K Narashiman

Demographic and Family Background Influencing Students towards Entrepreneurship: An Empirical Study
K. Srinivasan, Dr. P. Karthikeyan

Investigating the Impact of selected Macroeconomic Variables on Indian Stock Market Index
K V Manju, M V Subha

DOW Theory in Assessing Equity Share Price Movement
V. Prabakaran, Dr. P. Krishnaveni

People Organization Fit as a Determinant of Hospital Nurse Intent to Quit in Bangalore
R K Prema, Dr. V Navaneetha Kumar

Employee Resilience as a Strategy for Surviving in the Work Place-A Study of Textile Apparel Industries at Chennai
E Anandharaja, Dr. S N Geetha

A Study on Implementation of Customers Experience Management (CEM) in Banking Sector FOR Enhancement of Banking Performance with reference to Puducherry Region
R. Sivakumar, Dr. S. C. Vetrivel

Influence of Employees’ Perception of Politics on the Job Attitude of the employees in Banking Sector-An Indian Perspective
K R Sowmya, N Panchanatham

A Study on Work Stress Coping Strategies Adopted by Software Professionals with Special Reference to Tamilnadu
Dr. S. Viniba

Customer Brand Preference towards Men's Apparel with reference to South Indian Market
Dr. V Hemanth Kumar, Dr. K Sentamilselvan

Impact of Branches on the Volume of RTGS and NEFT Transactions in the Indian Public Sector Banks
R. Vijayakrishnan, Dr. S. C. Vetrivel

Study on the Legal Knowledge of Elected Representatives of Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs) in Tumkur District Karnataka State-India
K S Pushpa

The Relationship between Big Five Personality factors, Self Perceived Investment Knowledge and Investor Attitudinal Characteristics of Equity Investors
M. A. Vijaya, Dr. A. Somu

Marginalisation and Resistance: Migrant Workers Living With Everyday Violence on the Streets
Anup Tripathi

UK'S Referendum: Signaling Effect
Dr. P. Krishnaveni, V. Prabakaran, K. Mohan Kumar

A Study on Customers’ Perception and Expectation on Core Service Quality in Commercial Banks
K. Mohan Kumar, Dr. S. Viniba

Mediating role of Service Recovery Performance on the Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Intention to Stay
Udayanan Madhanrajan, Dr. Jayanth Jacob

Store Image Component and its Formation-Conceptual
K. Balaji, Dr. R. Maheswari

To Study the Relationship between the FII Flows in Indian Stock Market and Macroeconomic Indicators using Time Series Analysis
Dr. K. Vimaladevi

Factors Influencing the Shopping Experience for Furniture Products
M. K. M. Manikandan, S. Ganesan

Mediating Effect of Social Network Sharing Culture on the Relationship between Information & Communication Technology and Actual Knowledge Sharing Behaviour
Dr. Hansa Lysander Manohar, K Sathiyamurthi

Exploring the Role of Quality of Services on Organizational Performance in selected Public Banks in Chennai City
Dr. P. Udhayanan, Dr. A. Nirmal Raj

Discovering the Impact of Self Help Groups on Urban Women Economic Empowerment in Chennai-using SEM Approach
B Sreeya, Dr. S Radha

Experimental Study on Wear and Mechanical Characterization of Nylon 6 & 66-SiC Polymer Matrix Composite
R T Ajaykarthik, Dr. S Charles, Dr. V Thirunavukkarasu

A Locality Based Clustering and M-Ant Routing Protocol for QoS in Wireless Sensors Networks
S. Alagumuthukrishnan, Dr. K. Geetha

A Comparative Study on Thermal Performance of Solar Flat Plate and Evacuated Tube Collectors
S. Sadhish Kumar, Dr. T. Balusamy

A Heuristic Approach for Restructuring Distributed Object Oriented Software Using HCC Algorithm
G. Sudhakar, Dr. S. Nithiyanandam

AFZRP: Adaptive Fidelity Energy Efficient Algorithm for Zone Routing Protocols in MANET
R. Shanthy, Dr. T. Padma

Corrosion Analysis of N-(6-aminobenzo[d]thiazol-2-yl) Acetamide on Low Carbon Steel in 1N HCl
Rekha Subramani, Kannan Kulanthai

Cross Layer Design based Energy Constrained Honey Comb Routing for MANET
O. Cyril Mathew, Dr. A. M. J. Zubair Rahaman

Effect of M-Sand on Setting Time of High Performance Concrete
Dr. S. Suresh, J. Revathi

Emission Characteristics of a CI Engine with the Addition of Kamala Orange Skin Additive Applying Uncertainity Analysis
M. James Selva Kumar, S. John Alexis

Enhancement of Wear Resistance of AISI 1040 Forged Steel Roller Shaft by different Ceramic Oxide Coatings using Plasma Spray Process for Sugarcane Industries
D. R. P. Rajarathnam, M. Jayaraman

Evaluating the Performances of Double Precision Floating Point Matrix Multiplication
Y. R. Annie Bessant, T. Latha

Experimental Analysis of Solar Still using different Thermal Energy Storage Materials
S. Sivakumar, P. Seenikannan, R. Anandakumar, C. Kailasanathan

Experimental Studies on Natural Circulation Solar Water Heating System Fitted with Helical Screw Tape Inserts
V. Arunprasad, Dr. P. Murugesan, Dr. S. Jaisankar

FPGA based Power Efficient Binary Search for Signature Matching in Hardware NIDS
C. Jasmine, Dr. T. Latha

GPS based Mobicast Routing Protocol for Underwater Sensor Networks
Dr. M. Vinoth Kumar, Dr. G. Tholkappia Arasu, K. Jeya Ganesh Kumar

GPU Accelerated K Means Clustering Refined using ANT Colony Optimization
V Saveetha, Dr. S Sophia, Dr. P D R Vijaya Kumar

Intrusion Detection using Information Gain Self Adaptive Elliptic Key in MANET
A. Syed Musthafa, Dr. C. Nelson Kennedy Babu

Investigation on Enhancing the Compressive Strength of Cement Mortar using Nano SiO2
OM Suganya, Dr. S. K. Sekar

Investigations on Dielectric Properties of Nano SiO2-Mineral Oil for Transformer Insulation Applications
Anandhan Elansezhiyan, S. Chandrasekar

Moving Vehicle Detection and Tracking using Discriminative Robust Local Ternary Pattern Edge Extraction for Traffic Surveillance
Y. Mary Reeja, T. Latha

Performance Analysis of Conventional and Variable Header Thermosyphon Solar Water Heating System
S. Thulasi, Dr. S. Jaisankar

Replica Placement and Predictive Replica Selection Techniques to Improve the Performance of Data Grid
Dr. R Kingsy Grace, Dr. R Manimegalai

Some Studies on Thermal Performance of Solar Cooking System
V. K. Krishnan, Dr. T. Balusamy

Spamming Website Detection using Domain Name Server based Passive Probing
V. Rajakumareswaran, Dr. S. Nithiyanandam

Stress Analysis of Oval Pipe Bend with Attached Pipe using Finite Element Analysis
S. Sellakumar, R. Venkatasamy

Harmonic Analysis of Multilevel Multiphase Space Vector Pulse Width Modulator for Over Modulation Region
B. Priya, J. Arputha Vijaya Selvi

Studentpreneur; Student to Entrepreneur by Value based Education on Entrepreneurship
V. K. Ajay, Dr. L. Vijay

Measuring Changeability of Object Oriented Classes and Packages Using Hybrid Probabilisticlsa and SVM-ELM Model for Fault Prediction
Viji, Raj Kumar, Dr. S. Duraisamy

Low Duty-cycle based Optimized Sleep-schedule (LDCOS) Cross Layer Design for WSN
C. Chandravathi, K. Mahadevan

On Upper and Lower ω-Continuous Multifunctions
G. Balaji, G. Ganesh, N. Rajesh

Solving Linear Fractional Programming Problem using Lu Factorization Method
R. Sophia Porchelvi, A. Anna Sheela

A Fuzzy Shortest Path Algorithm for Optimal Boundary Extraction in Image Processing
R. Sophia Porchelvi, A. Banumathy

A Diversified Approach for Solving an Assignment Problem
R. Sophia Porchelvi, A. Anna Sheela

Two Stage Flow Shop Scheduling Problem with Involving Transportation Time for Job Blocks in Fuzzy Environment
G. Ambika, Dr. G. Uthra

Pseudo-Achromatic Number of Honeycomb Derived Networks
RM Umamageswari, Sharmila Mary Arul

Two Complemented Edge Isolated Domination of a Cycle Graph
Dr. P. Sumathi, R. Esther Felicia

On MOD(k) Vertex Magic Labeling of Graphs
P. Sumathi, B. Fathima

An Efficient Hybrid Neural Network Model for Wind Speed Prediction
V. Ranganayaki, S. N. Deepa

Two Commodity Perishable Inventory System with Postponed Demands and a Finite Population
P. Senthil Kumar

M-Tree based on the Fly Automatic Webpage Adaptation for Small Display Device
P. John Augustine, Dr. K. Bommanna Raja

Development of Dynamic Lean Six Sigma Model for Enhancing Stability, Capability and Robustness Metrics in Small and Medium Enterprises and Pilot Implementation in a Plastic Industry
S Gobinath, D Elangovan, S R Devadasan

Investigations on Tool Life Enhancement for Making Brake Discs of Light Motor Vehicles through the Application of Computer Aided Design and Analysis
Krishnasamy Boopathy, Palanisamy Kumarevel, Dharmalingam Elangovan

On Soft Supra Ss-CS in Soft Supra Topological Spaces
P. G. Palanimani, R. Parimelazhagan, Milby Mathew

Investigation on Strategic Supplier Quality Metrics for infusing Real Time Lean Six Sigma Initiatives in the Small Scale Manufacturing Organisations
Dr. D. Elangovan, S. Gobinath, Dr. S. R. Devadasan

A Design of Hybrid Workflow Model for Real Time Object Detection using Temporal Frame Differencing Algorithm: A Cloud Computing Approach
M. Gomathy Nayagam, Dr. K. Ramar

A Methodology to Establish a Conceptual Model and to Prioritise the Activities during Software Analysis
R. Lalitha, B. Latha, G. Sumathi

Mobile ADHOC Networks-An Enhanced Scope Localization based Decision Making for MANET Energy Efficient Shortest Path Routing
D Hemanand, Dr. N Sankar Ram

An Enhanced Weighted-Multi-objective PSO for Workflow Application Scheduling in Cloud Platform
Somaprathibha, B. Latha, G. Sumathi

Design Assessment Indicator for Object Oriented Software
T. Latha Maheswari, Dr. M. S. Irfan Ahamed, Dr. S. Duraisamy

Cluster Head Election Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network using Artificial Bee Colony
V. Seedha Devi, Dr. T. Ravi

Place of worship, its status, and functions in the Bible (the Old Testament and the New Testament)
Raziyeh Sadeghiyan

The impact of ethical leadership on job involvement (Case studied: Social Security Organization Managers)
Sara Akbari

Water Imagery in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and E. L. Doctorow's World's Fair
Zohreh Ramin, Narges Bayat

Reviewing relationship between audit institute size and audit quality
Mehran Farahmand, Morteza Farahmand, Mojtaba Farahmand

Performance Evaluation of Proposed Artificial Immune System and Improved Sheep Flock Heredity Algorithms for Single Row Layout Problem in Flexible Manufacturing System
S. Saravana Kumar, Dr. R. M. Satheesh Kumar

Pattern Control Algorithm based DSTATCOM for Power Quality Applications
A. Kumaran, Dr. S. Ramesh

Private Frequent Item Set Mining in Smart Splitting for Privacy Preserving using Attribute Probability Matrix
K. Saranya, K. Premalatha

Power Stability of Novel Converters using Stochastic Pattern Controller for Hybrid Renewable Energy Applications
K Mahendran, S. U Prabha

A Randomized Multi-Path Routing Technique For Data Transmission In Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Network
S. S. Rajasekar, C. Palanisamy

A Simple And Geometry Based Fast Space-Vector Pwm Technique For 15 Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter With Reduction Of Switches
Eswaramoorthy K, Dr. V.K.Shunmughanaathan


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