EIJMMS is a double blind reviewed refereed multi-disciplinary journal devoted to the rapid publication and dissemination of current research. It publishes thoughtful contributions that offer insights and perspectives extending knowledge and understanding of inter-disciplinary management related phenomena. Especially welcome are manuscripts that integrate research and theory from various disciplines such as management, commerce, economics, education, banking, financial services, marketing management, human resource management, environmental science, sports science, social work, information technology, public administration, psychology, sociology, sustainable social-ecological systems or other behavioral sciences. The mission of the journal is to foster free and extremely rapid scientific communication across the entire community.
EXCEL International Journal of Multidisciplinary Management Studies
Publisher: ZENITH International Research & Academic Foundation (ZIRAF) India
e-ISSN: 2249-8834
Issues/Year: 12
Frequency: Monthly
Published in: January-December
Current Volume
Volume-11, Issue-12 (Not Published)
Volume-11, Issue-12 (Not Published)
Volume-11, Issue-11 (Not Published)
Volume-11, Issue-10 (Not Published)
Volume-11, Issue-9 (Not Published)
Volume-11, Issue-8 (Not Published)
Volume-11, Issue-7 (Not Published)
Volume-11, Issue-6 (Not Published)
Volume-11, Issue-5 (Not Published)
Volume-11, Issue-4 (April)
Volume-11, Issue-3 (Not Published)
Volume-11, Issue-2 (February)
Volume-11, Issue-1 (January)
Volume-10, Issue-12 (Not Published)
Volume-10, Issue-11 (November)
Volume-10, Issue-10 (Not Published)
Volume-10, Issue-9 (Not Published)
Volume-10, Issue-8 (Not Published)
Volume-10, Issue-7 (Not Published)
Volume-10, Issue-6 (Not Published)
Volume-10, Issue-5 (Not Published)
Volume-10, Issue-4 (Not Published)
Volume-10, Issue-3 (Not Published)
Volume-10, Issue-2 (Not Published)
Volume-10, Issue-1 (Not Published)
Volume-9, Issue-12 (Not Published)
Volume-9, Issue-11 (Not Published)
Volume-9, Issue-10 (Not Published)
Volume-9, Issue-9 (Not Published)
Volume-9, Issue-8 (Not Published)
Volume-9, Issue-7 (Not Published)
Volume-9, Issue-6 (Not Published)
Volume-9, Issue-5 (Not Published)
Volume-9, Issue-4 (Not Published)
Volume-9, Issue-3 (Not Published)
Volume-9, Issue-2 (Not Published)
Volume-9, Issue-1 (Not Published)
Volume-8, Issue-12 (Not Published)
Volume-8, Issue-11 (Not Published)
Volume-8, Issue-10 (Not Published)
Volume-8, Issue-9 (Not Published)
Volume-8, Issue-8 (Not Published)
Volume-8, Issue-7 (July)
Volume-8, Issue-6 (Not Published)
Volume-8, Issue-5 (Not Published)
Volume-8, Issue-4 (Not Published)
Volume-8, Issue-3 (March)
Volume-8, Issue-2 (February)
Volume-8, Issue-1 (Not Published)
Volume-7, Issue-12 (Not Published)
Volume-7, Issue-11 (Not Published)
Volume-7, Issue-10 (Not Published)
Volume-7, Issue-9 (Not Published)
Volume-7, Issue-8 (Not Published)
Volume-7, Issue-7 (Not Published)
Volume-7, Issue-6 (Not Published)
Volume-7, Issue-5 (Not Published)
Volume-7, Issue-4 (April)
Volume-7, Issue-3 (Not Published)
Volume-7, Issue-1and2 (January-February)
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