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Water and Energy Abstracts
Year 2004, Volume-14, Issue-2 (April–June)
Print ISSN : 0021-1672

Table of contents

330.111.66 Socioeconomic Sectors

Socio-Economic Effects of Landslides and Floods with a Technical Perspective
Dr. K.M. Soni

332.36 Environmental Factors Landuse (Economics)

Land-Use and Livelihood Diversity: A Survival Strategy of Agricultural Development in Western Thar Desert, India
Bhanwar Dan Bithu

336.13 Public Sector Finance

Financing of Disaster Mitigation Management in Power Sector – NHPC Perspective
Ravi Shanker, Sandeep Kumar, Ashish K. Jha

351.791 Rivers. Canals

Overview for Inter-linking of Rivers Programme in India
Dr. C.D. Thatte

351.793.1 Maintenance of Dams, Dykes, Embankments Levels etc.

Maintenance Planning and Control of Hydro Mechanical Installations at Bhakra Dam
D.S. Notra, B.B. Bedi, S.N. Bansal

351.793.2 Surveillance and Inspection of dams/dykes etc.

Numerical Technique for Prediction of Temperatures in Mass Concrete Dam
V.T. Desai, A.K. Sathe, A.V. Patil, Patil

368.172.5 Flood Damage (Insurance)

Global Trends in Flood Losses and the Insurance Industry
Daniel Kull

502.58 Dam Agesto Nature From Natural Causes. Natural Disasters

Hydrological Analysis of Severe Rainstorms in North West India
Parmind Singh Bhogal

Dev astating Events of Cloudb u r st Leading to Landslide Disaster and Its Consequences in Garhwal Himalaya
Kishor Kumar, Pankaj Gupta, P.K. Sikdar

Risk Management of Water-related Hazards

Disaster Management for Flood Hazard in Bhandara District Using Remote Sensing and GIS
Y.B. Katpatal, Y.A. Dube, A.G. Bhole

504.03 Social and Socioeconomics aspects of human impact on environment

Sardar Sarovar Project and the Raging Controversies
M.S. Menon

Managing Human Issues Involved in Water Resources Development – A Case Study of Sardar Sarovar (Narmada) Project
Afroz Ahmad, Suresh Chand, A.C. Gupta

Environmental Issues in Large Dam and Hydroelectric Projects
V.P. Upadhyay

Environmental and Social Concerns of Larg e Dams and Hydropower Development – An Overview
R.S. Goel, Ravinder Singh

528.8 Remote Sensing

Sea Changes
Jim Baumann


Soil Moisture Estimation using ERS 2 SAR Data: A Case Study in the Solani River Catchment
S.S. Haider, S. Said, U.C. Kothyari, M.K. Arora

532.528 Cavitation – Hydrodynamics flow conditions

Bubble Creation in Water and Water Mixtures – Consequences of the Extended Theory of Nucleation
Frantisek Marsik, Patrik Zima

Cavitation Damages and Silt Erosion Damages of Turbine Components in Hydro Stations – A Case Study of Unit I of Upper Kolab Hydroelectric Project
Nrusinghananda Panigrahy

532.584 Sediment Transport Theory

Suspended and Bed Load Sediment Transport Dynamics in Two Lowland UK Streams – Storm Integrated Monitoring
D.J. Evans, P.J. Johnes, D.S. Lawrence

550.8.04 Observations Geophysical Field Survey

A Decision Tool for the Selection of Imaging Technologies to Detect Underground Infrastruc-ture
Hyung Seok Jeong, Dulcy M. Abraham

551 General Geology, Meteorology, Climatology etc.

Hydrometeorological Disaster Risk Reduction: Working Together

551.482.215.3 Floods

Flood Forecasting and Response: Reducing Flood Losses While Managing Water More Effectively
Curtis B. Barrett

An Overview of Flood Management in India
R. Jeyaseelan

Urban Flooding
Carlos E.M. Tucci

Collapse of Bridges Due to Flash Flood in Arunac hal Pradesh
R.K. Dhiman

Policies and Measures on Flood Mitigation in China since 1998
Prof. Wan Hongtao, Prof. Cheng Xiaotao, Prof. Yuan Ximin

Flood Hazard Management in England and Wales: From Land Drainage to Flood Risk Management
Ms. S.M. Tunstall, Dr. C.L. Johnson, Prof. E.C. Penning Rowsell

Information Technology for Mitigation of Floods
Ram Chand

Occurrence and Mitigation of Flash Floods
Ram Chand, P.S. Bhogal

An Actual Experience of Disastrous Floods in North India – Lessons There of
Jagvir Goyal

551.495 Groundwater

Groundwater in the USA: Perception and Reality
Stephen Ragone, Marios Sophocleous

551.509.32 Forecasting of particular features, including forecasting of wind, temperature, cloud, mist, cyclones, whirlwinds

Meteorological Data Processing and Forecasting – A Regional Perspective
Woo-Jin Lee

551.577.38 Droughts

Tapping the Potential of Remote Sensing and GIS for Drought Monitoring
A.K. Mishra, V.R. Desai, V.M. Chowdary

Drought Management

Integrated Water Management for Drought Miti-gation
R.S. Goel, G.P. Mathur

551.577.6 Damage by precipitation or droughts

Assessment and Monitoring of Floods and Ag-ricultural Drought using Remotely Sensed Data: Indian Scenario
M.V. Krishna Rao, V. Bhanumurthy

551.588.7 Human influence on cliamte

Climate Change and Environmental Evolution in Western China and Response Strategy
Qin Dahe

551.588.74 Effect of atmospheric pollution (including CO2)

Energy Consumption and the Earth’ s Greenhouse – An Update
Dr. Joop F. Van de Vate

556.047 Hydrological Analysis

Spaceborne Radar Interfer ometry: A Promising Tool for Hydrological Analysis in Mountain Alluvial F an Environments
F. Catani, P. Farina, S. Moretti, G. Nico

556.131 Total Evaporation. Evapotrans-piration

Water Balance Change for a Re-vegetated Xeroph yte Shrub Area
Xin-Ping Wang, Ronny Berndtsson, Xin-Rong Li, Er-Si Kang

556.143 Ground Water Storage

Liquid Capital
John Briscoe

556.16 Runoff

Effects of Land-use Change on Runoff Response in the Ungaug ed Ta-Chou Basin, Taiwan
Pao-Shan Yu, Yu-Chi Wang, Chun-Chao Kuo

556.161 Rainfall-Runoff relation. Run-off factors

Incorporating Ground water Recharge and Discharge Functions into an Existing Monthly Rain-fall-Runoff Model
D.A. Hughes

Concept of Hydrological Models to Derive Rainfall Runoff Relations and Flood Forecasting: An Over vie w
L.P. Ingale, J.B. Turkhede

556.164 Surface runoff. Overland flow

Hydrological Processes in Macrocatchment Water Harvesting in the Arid Region of Tunisia: The Traditional System of Tabias
Slah Nasri, Jean Albergel, Christophe Cudennec, Ronny Berndtsson

First-Order Analysis of Overland Flow Buffering in an Ungauged Fragmented Upland Basin
Alan D. Ziegler, Thomas W. Giambelluca

556.5 Surface water hydrology

Surface and Subsurface Water Balance Estimation by the Ground water Recharge Model and a 3-D Two-Phase Flow Model
Atsushi Tsutsumi, Kenji Jinno, Ronny Berndtsson

556.51 Drainage basins, Catchment areas, River basins, Watersheds

Calibrating the SEDD Model for Sicilian Ungaug ed Basins
Vito Ferro, Costanza Di Stefano, Mario Minacacilli, Mario Santoro

Hydrological Modelling of Imperfectly Gauged Basins: A New Challenge
Xia Jun, Tan Ge, Li Xin, Zhu Yizhong

How can Stakeholder Participation Improve European Water shed Management: The Water Frame work Directive, Water course Groups and Swedish Contributions to Baltic Sea Eutrophication
Anna Blomqvist

Visions of Nile Basin Development
Dale Whittington

620.9 Economics of energy in general

250 Top Energy Companies – A Worldwide Survey
Theo Mullen, Melissa Leonard

Light at the End of the Tunnel?
Rick Nicholson, Terry Ray

621.039.534 Coolants. Coolant System Cycles

Conceptual Design of Heavy Water Moderated Organic Cooled Reactor
S.L. Kati

621.039.7 Redioactive Waste Management

An Integrated Environmental Radiological Impact Prediction Programme for Countrywide Application
A. Natarajan, R. Venkatesan, C.V. Srinivas

621.22 Hydraulic energy, Waterpower

A New Way to Generate Electricity from Water
S.S. Verma

621.22.018.1 Efficiency

Making Independence Day
John McCoach

621.22.018.8 Tests. Testing Machines.. installations for determination of performance characteristics, e.g. efficiency, power output

New Lease of Life
James Luckey

621.224.34 Propeller Type Turbines

Pico Practice
Arthur Williams

Time to Reform Disconnection Rules
Matt Chwalowski

A Modern Approach

621.311.17 Design of power stations. Including: Layout and space requirements of machines, equipment. Layout of switchgear

Best Practice
James Hunt

621.311.21 Hydroelectric Power Stations

Various Aspects of Project Management in Construction of Tala Hydroelectric Project, Contract Package-1
S.P. Thosar, Siddhartha Dey

Hydro Development Needs Large Capacity Reservoirs
E. Sundaraiya

Hydropower Generation through Run of the River Schemes in Yamuna Valley, Uttaranchal Himalaya, India
R.S. Negi

Large Hydropower Plants and Reservoir Sedimentation
E. Sundaraiya, Poonam Binjolkar

Ways and Means for Fast Track Execution of Kameng Hydroelectric Project (600 MW), Arunachal Pradesh
D. Baruah, S. Deka, D.K. Nath

Early Riser
Norbert Pichowski

The Complete Picture

621.311.214 Pumped Storage Power Stations (Pump-Fed Power Station)

Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Scheme – Capacity Optimisation
A. Stephen, T. Amutha

621.311.22 Power stations using steam plant

Plugging a Leak
Dave Simko

621.311.245 Wind-Powered Power Stations. Wind Farms

Removing Radar Returns
Andrew Beck

621.311.25 Nuclear Power

Together to the Benefit of the Project
A.V. Makarevytch

621.313.1 Generator and motors in general

Hydro Generator Stator Insulation Systems
W. Uher, J.E. Neal

621.314.212 Transformers with oil insulation and cooling

Defective High Voltage Bushing – A Ticking Time Bomb
A.K. Yadaw, Kapil Yadav

621.316 Distribution and regulation of electric energy

First Prepayment System in Mexico City
Rafael Mercado

Vending at the Heart of Prepayment Management
Kate Hopkins

Myths and Margins
Paul Grey

621.317 Electrical Measurement (Methods and Apparatus)

Keep Control from Afar
Ginni Stieva

621.317.38 Measurements of power and energy

Prepayment – The Curacao Experience
Keith Galatis

Customers in Hawaii Offered Net Metering

What is Holding Back Residential Implementation of Automated Meters?
Lisa Kosanovic, Terry Fry

Beyond AMR: Technology that Enables a Dynamic Customer Relationship
Eric Cody

Redefining AMR – From Meter Reading to Customer Communication Network
Ronarld B. Via

Advanced Communications: The Number One Reason to Install New Meters
Bob Hughes

Designing a 20-year AMR Device
Tom Galuska

California Initiative May Mandate Advanced Metering
Roger Levy

Enel Telegestore Project is on Track
Vincenzo Cannatelli

621.326.77 Economy lamps. Low consumption, lamps

Energy Efficiency in Municipal Street Lighting Systems
G. Hari Kumar, Madhav Kamath

624.1 Substructures Earth Works. Foundations Tunnelling

Modeling of Tunneling-induced Ground Surface Movements Using Stochastic Medium Theory
J.S. Yang, B.C. Liu, M.C. Wang

624.159.2 Damage, Deterioration, Failure of foundations, Including basis of erosion scour under-mining settling of foundation

Basis of Design of Hydrogenerator Foundation
S. Lomash

624.19.034.5 Underwater Tunnels

Effect of Tunnel Advance Rate on Seepage Forces Acting on the Underwater Tunnel Face
In-Mo Lee, Seok-Woo Nam

624.191.1 Technical and economic preparatory work. Including: geological and topographic survey. Selection of tunnel directions gradients, sections, statics, designing, scheduling, costing

Quality in Tunnelling: ITA-AITES Working Group 16 Final Report
Claudio Oggeri, Gunnar Ova

624.191.2 Execution of tunnel works. tunnelling methods

Fast Track Tunnelling by Drilling and Blasting Method (DBM) – Some Issues
K.D. Sah

Construction of Access Tunnel for an Underground Hydroelectric Project
S.L. Nathan, M. Rajendiran, N. Manoharan, C. Purushothaman

Construction Methodology of 17.07 km longHead Race Tunnel Dia 9.50 m Horse Shoe Shaped Teesta Hydroelectric Project (Stage-V)
M.P. Srivastava

Guidelines for Tunnelling Risk Management: International Tunnelling Association, Working Group No. 2
Soren Degn Eskesen, Per Tengborg, Jorgen Kampmann, Trine Holst Veicherts

624.191.5 Shaft construction including ventilation shafts chimneys. Shaftimbering

Excavation of Shafts with Special Reference to Hydroelectric Projects
H.S. Venkatesh, R. Balachander, R.N. Gupta

626.812 Supply from natural water-courses including spring water, River water

Shared Watercourses in the Southern African Development Community: Challenges and Opportunities
Salman M.A. Salman

626.816 Water extra ctionusing well

Water for Progress

627.157 Sedimentation, silting

Construction of Sediment Budgets in Large-Scale Drainage Basins: The Case of the Upper Indus River
Khawaja Faran Ali, Dirk H. De Boer

An Assessment of the Accuracy of the Spatial Integration Method (SIM) forestimating Coarse Bedload Transportin Gravel-Bedded Streams Using Tracers
D.A. Sear, M.W.E. Lee, P.A. Carling, R.J. Oakey, M.B. Collins

Testing Laser-based Sensors for Continuous in situ Monitoring of Suspended Sediment in the Colorado River, Arizona
Theodore S. Melis, David J.Topping, David M. Rubin

Contin uous Measurement of Suspended-Sediment Discharge in Rivers by Use of Optical Back scatterance Sensors
David H. Schoellhamer, Scott A. Wright

Measuring Suspended Sediment Characteristics Using a LISST-ST in an Embanked Flood Plain of the River Rhine
Ivo Thonon, Marcel Van Der Perk

Modelling and Monitoring Flow and Suspended Sediment Transportin Lowland River Flood Plain Environments
A.P. Nicholas

Sediment Transport in Agricultural Catchments – The Need for Methods to Trace Sediment Sources
Lillian Oygarden, Johannes Deelstra, Hans Olav Eggestad, Stine Marie Vandsemb

Land-use Based GIS-Modelling for Sedimentation Reduction at Bili-Bili Dam, Indonesia
Muh. Nurdin Abdullah, Ahmad Munir, Syamsul Arifin Lyas

Land-use Based GIS-Modelling for Sedimentation Reduction at Bili-Bili Dam, Indonesia
Muh. Nurdin Abdullah, Ahmad Munir, Syamsul Arifin Lyas

Method for Estimation of the Delivery of Sediments and Solutes from Greenland to the Ocean
Bent Hasholt

Use of Reconnaissance Measurements to Establish Catchment Sediment Budgets: A Zambian Example
D.E. Walling, A.L. Collins, H.M. Sichingabula, G.J.L. Leeks

Identification of Sources of Sediment to Lake Samsonvale (North Pine Dam), Southeast Queensland, A ustralia
Grant Douglas, Phillip Ford, Gary Jones, Mark Palmer

Chronology of Alluvial Sediment Using the Date of Production of Buried Refuse: A Case Study in an Ungauged River in Central Japan
Yoshimasa Kurashige, Hajime Kibayashi, Goro Nakajima

Sediment Yield Estimation and Chec k Dams in a Semiarid Area (Sierra de Gador, Southern Spain)
Wenceslao Martin-Rosales, Antonio Pulido-Bosch, Juan Gisbert, Angela Vallejos

Reconstructing Upland Sediment Budgets in Ungauged Catchments from Reservoir Sedimentation and Rainfall Records Calibrated Using Short term Streamflow Monitoring
Victoria Holliday, David Higgitt, Jeff Warburton, Sue White

Application of the Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution (AGNPS) Model for Sediment Yield and Nutrient Loss Prediction in the Dumpul Subwater shed, Central Java, Indonesia
Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, Takahiro Sayama, Kaoru Takara, Yasuto Tachikawa

Reliability Ev aluation of Rainfall-Sediment-Runoff Models

Sediment Monitoring of Glacial Rivers in Iceland: New Data on Bed Load Transport
Jorunn Hardardottir, Arni Snorrason

627.51 Flood Defences

They Might be Giants

Resilience and Flood Risk Management
K.M. de Bruijn

627.512 Spates, Flood water in water course, Prediction of spates

Flood Forecasting and Infiltration Modelling
Corrado Corradini, Renato Morbidelli, Carla Saltalippi, Florisa Melone

627.516 Flood control. Floodwater information services. Flood warnings, alarms. Opening of sluiceways, floodgates

The Water Sector and the Natural Disasters– Can Natural Disasters Prevent Development?
G. Arduino

627.81 Reservoir, storage ponds

Sedimentation Problems in Reservoirs – Causes Prevention and Remedies
I.D. Dayal, Rajeev Sachdeva

627.8 Dams. Hydraulic power plants works

Need for Development of Hydropower and Dams in India Highlighting the associated Environmental Issues
S.C. Sharma, Napur Kakoty

627.81 Reservoir, storage ponds

Sedimentation Problems in Reservoirs – Causes Prevention and Remedies
I.D. Dayal, Rajeev Sachdeva

Improving Ponds in Punjab

627.82 Dams. Barrages

Moving Small Mountains

Large Dams and Hydropower Development-Private Sector Participation
D.K. Dhar

Hirakud Dam in Economic Development of Orissa
R.K. Sharma, B. Lenka

627.824 Earth dams. Rockfill dams. Gravity dams

Instrumentation and Monitoring Systems in Tehri Dam
B.S. Bisht, H.K. Tyagi, D.V. Sharma

627.824.7 Gravity Dams

Geotechnical Assessment of Foundation for a Gravity Dam in the Lesser Himalaya of Jammu and Kashmir
Mohd. J. Ahmed, U.S. Rajvanshi, K.M. Mustafa

627.842 Tunnels, pressure tunnels

Dispensing with the Structural Supports of Pressure Tunnels by Impro ving Rock Cover – A Few Examples
R. Pitchai Muthu

628.31 Sewage properties, Treatment and purification in general

Feed Water and Wastewater Treatment
Arabi Enertech

628 Public Health Engineering, Water Sanitation

Perspective International Efforts to Improve Access to Water and Sanitation in the Developing World: A Good Start, But More is Needed
Alan D. Hecht

628.1 Water seepage, Water treatment, Water consumption

Thorough Planning Beforehand Ensures AMR Project Success
Kate Hopkins

628.31 Sewage properties, Treatment and purification in general

Feed Water and Wastewater Treatment
Arabi Enertech

631.459 Erosion

A Distributed Model for Estimating Erosion and Deposition of Sediment in the Yellow River Basin
Z.X. Xu, K. Takeuchi, H. Ishidaira, C.M. Liu

Erosion Prediction in Ungauged Glacierized Basins
Jim Bogen, Truls E. Bonsnes

Soil Erosion in the Republic of Moldova – The Importance of Institutional Arrangements
Wolfgang Summer, Wolfgang Diernhofer

Estimation of Erosion and Sediment Outflow in the Recent Past
Takahisa Mizuyama, Akitsu Kimoto, Yuji Yasuda, Yasuo Tomomatsu, Masaru Touhei, Masaharu Fujita

Mathematical Model for Predicting Soil Erosion by Flowing Water in Ungauged W ater sheds
U.C. Sharma, Vikas Sharma

Physically-based Mathematical Formulation for Hillslope-Scale Prediction of Erosion in Ungauged Basins
Hafzullah Aksoy, M. Levent Kavvas, Jaeyoung Yoon

Evaluation of an Erosion Simulation Model in a Semiarid Region of Brazil
Vajapeyam S. Srinivasan, Ricardo De Aragao, Koichi Suzuki, Masahiro Watanabe

Application of a Process-based Model as a Predictive Tool for Erosion Loss in Ungauged Basins
Celso Augusto Guimaraes Santos, Vajapeyam S. Srinivasan, Carlos De Oliveira Galvao

Application of an Improved PEEP System to Bank Erosion In vestigations on the River Wharfe, UK
Damian M. Lawler

Quantitative Estimation of Degradation in the Aliakmon River Basin Using GIS
Dimitrios A. Emmanouloudis, Odysseas P. Christou, Evangelos I. Filippidis

Applicability of the Gavrilo vic Method in Erosion Calculation Using Spatial Data Manipulation Techniques
Lidija Globevnik, Danko Holjevic, Gregor Petkovsek, Josip Rubinic

Assessment of Gully Erosion Process Dynamics for Water Resources Management in a Semiarid Catchment of Swaziland (Southern Africa)
Michael Marker, Aleksey Sidorchuk

Development of an Interactive Embeddable Geographic Information System (E-GIS) for Soil Erosion Prediction
Ahmad Munir, Muh. Nurdin Abdullah

666.972.5 Concrete with special properties

Mix Design Performance of M 12.5 Grade Mass Concrete for 92 m High Wangkha Dam in Bhutan
Rajbal Singh, D.P. Goyal, R.N. Khazanchi


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