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Indian Journal of Health Sciences and Care
Year 2021, Volume-8, Issue-spl (July)
Print ISSN : 2394-2363
Online ISSN : 2394-2800

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Pulmonary tuberculosis during covid-19 pandemic
Munazzah Orooj

Correlation of insomnia and emotional intelligence in internet addicts – A cross sectional study
Anil Muragod, Pratiksha Sakhare

Prevalence of knee dysfunction in young judokas of different weight categories
Nayak Prarthi Tusharbhai, Nipa Shah

To compare the effects of Kinesio taping and nerve flossing technique on balance, gait, and ankle flexibility in diabetic neuropathy
Basudeo Rajbhor, Aarti Gupta, Saurabh Kumar

Relation of cognitive function with depression in Parkinson's disease patients
Aabeda Shethwala, Mihirdev Jhala

Prevalence of headache and its related disability among college students in Ahmedabad
Rajavi Parekh, Mihirdev Jhala

Assessment of sympathetic vascular reactivity in pregnant women using cold pressor test and heart rate variability
Tazyeen Fatima, M. Shobitha, Neha Gupta

Awareness among women regarding the role of physical activity in prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders
Mahima Modi, Amit M. Patel

Impact of intensity and volume of plyometric training on physical performance parameters in athletes: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Shweta Panchal, Pooja Anand, Pooja Bhati, Sajjan Pal

An immediate effect of myofascial release therapy and combined approach on myofascial trigger points in upper fibres of trapezius: a comparative study
Meghna Negi, Meena Gupta

Prevalence of hamstring tightness and severity among two-wheeler riders and its association with low back pain
Vaishali Sharma, Meena Gupta

Effectiveness of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization and motor relearning programme on lumbo pelvic stability in subjects with hemiplegic stroke
Devanshu Agrawal, Vinika Chaudhary, Raghuveer Raghumahanti

Effect of swiss ball and bosu ball training on dynamic balance, agility and power in tennis players
Kiran Negi, Sajjan Pal, Jaganjyoti Das

Effects of Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glides (SNAGs) along with Motor Control Training on Pain, Stiffness, Motor Control, Disability and Range of Motion in patient with Lumbar Spondylosis
Vishal Sharma, Siddhartha Sen, Bijender Sindhu

Effective of vibratory inhibition and pelvic stabilization exercise on tone and gross Motor function in cerebral palsy
Nehal Gupta, Saurabh Kumar, Aarti Gupta

Effectiveness of dry cupping on pain, dynamic balance and functional performance in recreational runners with chronic plantar fasciitis
Sweety Malik, Pooja Anand, Pooja Bhati

Effect of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) and Modified Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (MCIMT) on trunk and upper limb function in hemiplegic stroke
Nisha, Vinika Chaudhary, Raghuveer Raghumahanti

Association of physical activity and quality of life among cancer patients
Shubh Shree, Bhavna Anand, Ruchika Kalra, Himani Chauhan, Harshita Sharma

Efficacy of gluteal activation exercises along with met on pain, rom, strength and motor control in patients with piriformis syndrome
Bhumika Arora, Priyanka Rishi, Siddharth Sen

A study of depression, anxiety and stress level among post COVID mucormycosis patients in Gujarat
Jalpa Chauhan, Hemal Patel

Comparative study of high intensity interval training vs high intensity circuit training on, agility, speed, strength, and cardiopulmonary endurance in aspiring state level cricket players
Imran Mushtaq, Sajjan Pal, Pooja Bhatti

Effect of mindfulness based stress reduction therapy and deep cervical flexor muscle training on pain, sitting neck posture alignment and lifestyle factors in patients with cervical radicular pain syndrome
Anshu Tanwar, Siddhartha Sen, Priyanka Rishi, Ashwani

Effect of internal and external cognitive training on mild cognitive impairment in elderly
Asha, Saurabh kumar, Raghuveer Raghumanhanti

Impact of diastasis recti abdominis muscle on the posture and quality of life in the primiparous postpartum women-a cross sectional survey
Parul, Sonia Pawaria, Sudini Borkar

Physical activity in pregnancy and its effect on weight related parameters: a pilot study
Vandana Rani, Shabnam Joshi

Co-relation of pain, function and quality of life with the radiographic findings in Knee OA patients
Rekha Chaturvedi, Shabnam Joshi

Association of upper limb musculoskeletal pain with poor quality of sleep among e-gamers in a private university in Malaysia
Sumedha, Leong Yi Zuang

Effect of NEMEX in patients with knee osteoarthritis

Effect of manual traction versus neural mobilization in neck pain with radiculopathy: A randomized clinical trial
Hemlata Chaudhari, Dharmang Vyas

Effect of Mechanical Neck pain on scapula position and neck disability among schoolteachers in Delhi NCR region
Jyoti Kataria, Bijender Sindhu, Sonia Pawaria

Correlation of body mass index with fear of fall and balance in geriatric population of Ahmedabad city-an observational study
Honey A. Panchal, Payal P. Gahlot

Development and evaluation of an animation learning tool to improve clinical decisions to identify red flags in low back pain among physiotherapy students
Sweni Shah, Niki Patel, Jinal Amin, Nishith Patel

Standardization of child sensory profile–2 care giver questionnaire in children with spastic cerebral palsy
Sapna Dhiman, Ramesh K. Goyal, Puneeta Ajmera

To estimate the extent of clinical decision errors in physiotherapeutic management of low back pain
Hemali Patel, Sweni Shah, Dhairya Patel, Chandni Parikh

Linking of 17 functional outcome measures used in lower limb osteoarthritis to the International Classification of Functioning (ICF), disability and health
P. Ratan Khuman, M. Balagnapathy

Comparative study of effects of aerobic training vs resistance training on heart rate variability and functional capacity in type 2 diabetes mellitus
Sujata Yadav, Sonia Pawaria, Neha Reyalch

Quantifying ergonomic risk factors with Rapid office strain assessment in computer users of Ahmedabad city
Yoginakumari A Rathva, Payal P Gahlot

Effectiveness of physiotherapy interventions on pain in patients of cervicogenic headache: a systematic review and meta analysis
Monika Rani, Jaspreet Kaur

Effect of pilates in forward head posture
Shabnam Joshi, Bharti, Alka Pawalia

To compare the effect of drawing in maneuver exercises versus core strengthening exercises on primary dysmenorrhea
Hitiksha Bhalodia, Shweta Rakholiya

Correlation between arch height index and low back pain among primary school teachers: an observational study
Roshandeep Kaur Hundal, Manu Goyal, Hina Vaish

Effects of close kinetic chain exercises on ankle kinematics in patient with achilles tendinopathy
Saurav Singh, Siddhartha Sen, Priyanka Rishi

To compare the immediate effect of maitland mobalization and snags on heart rate in upper cervical dysfunction subject
Jyoti, Sweety

Effectiveness of a distributed practice model utilizing combit protocol on tone and function of hemiplegic upper limb -A randomized comparison trial
Raghuveer Raghumahanti, Ekta Chitkara, Parul Raj Agarwal

Association between heart rate variability measures and body composition parameters in obesity-related hypertension: a pilot investigation
Aqsa Mujaddadi, Jamal Ali Moiz

Short term effect of bilateral ankle balance taping on gait and range of motion in community dwelling elderly population
Bharti Arora, Bijender Sindu, Harpreet Singh

Effectiveness of kinesio taping in improving pain and inter recti distance in women with post-partum low back pain
Priyanka Rishi, Joginder Yadav, Pooja Anand, Bindoo Yadav

Epidemiology of injury in Indian females field hockey players
Jaganjyoti Das

Effect of inspiratory muscle training in post tuberculosis patients-A pilot study
Sonia Pawaria

Determinants of physical performance in national level kho kho athletes: a crosssectional study
Pooja Bhati, Jaganjyoti Das, Kalpana Kommi, Siddhartha Sen, Pooja Anand, M. Ejaz Hussain, G.L. Khanna

Sustained natural apophyseal glides (SNAG) along with stretching exercises for an adult with long term cervicogenic headache: a case report
Saurabh Kumar, Ankush Sharma

Effects of balance training and patient education on the recurrence of ankle sprain in sports person
Sajjan Pal, AGK Sinha


Effect of manual guidance vs knowledge of performance in weight bearing skill training of different durations among young healthy subjects using bathroom scale
Moushami Purkayastha

Effect of cardiac rehabilitation on autonomic function in patients with coronary artery bypass grafting: A systematic review
Purnima Kushwaha, Jamal Ali Moiz, Aqsa Mujaddadi

Knowledge and perception of competitive athletes on self myofascial release therapy by foam roller
Ronak Cholaviya, Nipa Shah

Relationship of sedentary lifestyle with neck and shoulder
Sweety Thakur, Meena Gupta

Diabetes risk assessment in Ahmedabad population using Indian diabetic risk score
Momin Khujistanazar, Gira Thakrar

Normative values of hand grip strength and pinch grip strength in healthy children
Mansi Kotecha, Mansee Desai

Knowledge and awareness of oral cancer amongst physiotherapists
Sanjana Patwa, Sadhana Mukhi

A qualitative study providing insight into physiotherapist's practice of physical activity and exercise in daily routine
Bhavya Shah, Gira Thakrar

Knowledge about mental health and acceptance towards covid-19 vaccination in community dwelling individuals
Drashti Shah, Mihirdev Jhala

Community survey of awareness about the knowledge of physiotherapy services amongst health care profession students
Diptiranjan Mangaraj, Siddhartha Sen, Parul R. Agrawal

Correlation of Perceived stress and psychological wellbeing in postgraduate physiotherapy students
Mulchandani Akshay, RamiDrparyushi

Association of physical activity and quality of life among cancer patients
Bhavna Anand, Ruchika Kalra, Shubh Shree, Himani Chauhan, Harshita Sharma

Behavioural and psychological effects of screen time on children and adolescents
Sakshi, Mansee Desai

Normative values of plantar pressure: A literature review
Hemal Patel, M. Balagnapathy

Association of neck pain with stress and posture among teachers using costeffective methods
Aarushi Upadhyay, Bhavna Anand

Research and innovationinphysiotherapyadvancedframework for sensory examination
Amar Sharma, Deepak Raghav, Monika Sharma

Impact of tele rehabilitation on clinical outcomes in patients recovering from COVID-19
Kriti Arora, Deepali Chauhan, Muskan Gupta, Pooja Bhati, Pooja Anand

Effects of inspiratory muscle training on inspiratory muscle strength, and apnoea hypopnoea index, in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome: A systematic review
Javid Ahmad Dar, Aqsa Mujaddadi, Jamal Ali Moiz

Correlation between dual tasking and lower limb strength in community-dwelling elderly
Neha P. Patel, Megha S. Sheth

Effect of exercise on heart rate variability in patients with myocardial infarction: a systematic review
Qurat-Ul-Aein, Jamal Ali Moiz, Aqsa Mujaddadi

Reliability of endurance shuttle walk test to estimate the functional exercise capacity in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a systematic review
Shagufa Amber, Jamal Ali Moiz, Aqsa Mujaddadi

Reliability of six-minutes walk test to estimate functional exercise capacity in obese individuals: A systematic review
Nihal Ashraf, Aqsa Mujaddadi, Jamal Ali Moiz

Online learning and teaching physiotherapy during covid
Pooja Mohan

Injury risk and prevention in endurance athletes-a systematic review
Ashi Saif, Adila Parveen

Effectiveness of Brandt Daroff exercises in benign paroxysmal positional vertigo: a systematic review
Meenakshi Bagri, Shabnam Joshi

Fear of covid-19 and its effect on mental health of family members and friends of subject affected and the subject themselves
Saloni P. Patel, Payal Gahlot

Prolonged effect of gait training and biomechanical changes in rehabilitation for gynecological cancer related lymphedema-a review
Ruchika Kalra, Bhavna Anand

Prevalence of injuries in judo players- a survey study
Shailja, Pooja Anand, Jaganjyoti Das

Effect of augmented exercise programme on postural control, balance, and fear of falling in elders
P.K. Tamilnidhi, Anandh, R. Arunachalam

Knowledge about physical activity for school going children's during pandemic
R. Vishnupriya, G. Srividhya, D. Kannan

To study the utility of reference articles vs use of reference textbooks in studying topics by students and by professionals
Muzahid K. Sheikh

Efficacy of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation on forward head posture in Parkinson's disease: a randomized controlled trial
Sonu Punia, Kritika Bodwa, Manoj Malik

Physical activity and dynamics of brain structure in older adults
Zainab Khan, Adila Parveen

Prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal disorders among physiotherapist of Vadodara city
Ishita Goswami, Dhaval Klocha

Correlation of foot pain with characteristics of footwear, BMI and quality of life in female physiotherapy students of Parul University -A correlational study
Bhavank Mahla, Chaitali shah

Effect of fascial distortion model on pain and range of motion among students with Trapezitis: A pilot study
Hiral Parmar, Sandip Parekh

Educational quality of YouTube videos on joint mobilization techniques targeting physiotherapists: a descriptive study
Sweni Shah, Richa Patel, Nirali Patel, Isha Patel

Current trends of dietary supplements among fitness enthusiasts
Annu, Renu Shrestha

Changing face of rehabilitation-core P rehabilitation in vulnerable populations: A literature review
Mridula Dua, Tarun Kumar


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